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  1. 12bPilot

    SODE V1.6.3 Open-Beta

    Hi, For the next SODE release, I need some testing done because there were substantial changes internally in the jetway control logic. These changes have enabled new features such as automatic docking/un-docking for user-aircraft and multi-jetway support for AI aircraft. Automatic...
  2. 12bPilot

    *** SODEPlacer V0.6 ***

    I am happy to release a graphical SODE SimObject placement tool based on the famous Whisplacer utility. Thanks to the original author for providing the source code as public domain! The SODEPlacer has been rewritten to handle SimObjects that are used by SODE. The tool loads and saves SODE...
  3. 12bPilot

    The corrected 'aircraft.cfg' Collection Thread

    I want to open this sticky thread to gather the corrected aircraft.cfg exit positions for the most commonly used add-on aircraft. Introduction Jetway misalignment has always to do with incorrect exit position in the aircraft.cfg. SODE uses this exit position for the calculation. SODE's...
  4. 12bPilot

    Info: 3dsMax support for Jetway Creation

    I have just uploaded the 3dsMax files for the jetway hoods and the sample jetway. The scripts are working nicely (and much faster) in 3dsmax. For Download, see sticky thread.
  5. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    Besides improving the jetway control system, I'm currently also coding a new feature: Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS). I have integrated VDGS and jetway operations into a new menu called "Stand operations". Similar to GSX, you choose a parking position and then you can select from...
  6. 12bPilot

    Jetway SDK V1.5 released (12NOV16)

    Hi, I'm in the process of wrapping things up for the initial release of the Jetway Control System within SODE. This will upgrade SODE to version 1.2. I want to thank the two volunteers Stanislaw from Drzewiecki Designs and Ian from SunSkyJet who have tested the new feature and helped improve...
  7. 12bPilot

    SODE Jetway Control

    Hi, Here is a quick video showing the current development state of the jetway control system. A 'thank you' goes to Tic for providing his static jetway model for the development! The user can assign a jetway to a desired aircraft door. The door positions are extracted from the aircraft.cfg...
  8. 12bPilot

    ***V1.6.3 RELEASED***

    Bugfix release V1.0.2 available here.
  9. 12bPilot

    Feature Wishlist

    Please use this thread to place feature request. I will collect the ones that I think are feasible in this first post. Implemented features are shaded in light grey. Animation System Display (different) subparts of model during forward and reverse animation This can also be attached visual...
  10. 12bPilot

    OpenFlight Issues

    I will post all issues concerning the openflight export function here: Texture uvw mappings "beyond the edge" is incorrect in the openflight model Double sided textures (as defined in the FSX material parameters) seems not to be converted into the openflight model What I mean with beyond the...
  11. 12bPilot

    OpenFlight: inverted polygons

    Hey Arno! I did some initial test to convert fsx mdl files to the openflight format. Exporting works fine, but when I look at the flt file in the osgviewer (openscenegraph-viewer), the polygon seems to be flipped. Also, the building in my case is mirrored/flipped. Coordinate system problem...
  12. 12bPilot

    Mdl RIFF chunks VISC, VISS

    Hi guys, First off, I have no experience in hacking around in mdl files. :rolleyes: But as a scenery designer, I don't want to believe that we can't add conditions to the fsx mdl structure. So I did some reading about the format and stumbled on two RIFF identifiers: VISC and VISS, which are...
  13. 12bPilot

    Refresh Scenery Library

    Hi Is there an event to refresh/rehash the scenery library? I know there is one for reloading the current scenery, but that doesn't include the updating of the library. Jeff
  14. 12bPilot

    Seams between Custom Photo Scenery Tiles

    Hi I'm doing some photoreal scenery. The imagery is split up into LOD8 tiles. After resampling, everything looks fine in TmfViewer, no seams at the LOD8 borders. Whereas in FSX, they are visible! I have no clue why this happens. I am sure that the pixel coordinates and dimension are correct...
  15. 12bPilot

    Extract bmp out of bgl

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to extract the Bitmap out of the bgl file generated by resample.exe? Or can we force resample.exe to generate separate texture tiles as in previous versions? Cheers, Jeff
  16. 12bPilot

    additional Variables...

    Hi Arno, I was playing around with fsInterrogate and the FSUIPC SDK some time ago and tested the visibility variable. Are you planning to add a visibility variable for ActiGate? Fs seems to switch on Approach Lighting if vis is below 5nm and the runway lighting if vis is below 3nm. It would...
  17. 12bPilot

    LSZH Zurich Scenery...FREEWARE!

    Hi folks, Remo, Marc and I are currently working on a freeware LSZH scenery. It's coming up nicely and we expect to release a "beta" somewhen around June... My part is the ground scenery, and I'm almost done with it. Here a quick preview: Final Rwy14 at dusk For more pics check out...
  18. 12bPilot

    XML placed objects and framerate: An interesting fact...

    Hi all, I am currently working with 2 other guys on a freeware Zurich Airport LSZH. As the one in charge of the ground-scenery, I was struggling with the framerate-friendliest placement method for small but numerous objects like the green inpavement-twy-centerline-lighting. So I created a...
  19. 12bPilot

    the EQU operator...

    Hi, I'm building a SafeDock System right now and ran into a problem yesterday. As in Arno's Docking System, I used a STOPDISTANCE constant. I set "STOPDISTANCE EQU 20". Now, some lines later in the code, after the particular Aircraft Recognition checks, I want to change the value of the...