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    MSFS Today's update changes heading for ALL new objects

    Today's update to MSFS "fixed" the Asobo default windsock orientation problem, not by rotating their object 180 degrees, but rather by changing the default orientation for the placement of ALL new objects from the previous default of -179.999 degrees to a new default of zero degrees. This has no...
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    MSFS Emissive texture with alpha masking

    Is this even possible in MSFS? I have a texture applied to a rectangle that has an irregular outline, and therefore has an alpha channel to mask off the area that should be transparent. This works perfectly for the standard albedo texture. I can set the alpha mode to either blend or masking...
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    MSFS Water not aligned with polygon

    Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I am finding that the Water effect does not align with the polygon for which it is enabled. In the scenery that I am working on, the effect seems to be offset to the South by 2-3 meters. Anyone else observe this, or am I doing something wrong...
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    New Finney Ground Crosshair Needed

    One of the all-time most useful tools that I used for airport design in FS9 was the Finney Ground Crosshair Plus "aircraft". When used in combination with tools like ADE, it made precise placement of elements in a scenery a breeze. There does not seem to be anything similar out there for...
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    MSFS Vertex Spline=TRUE

    In the Raw Data View, ADE F20 allows you to set "Spline=True" for any vertex of an Apron. However, ADE does not save this setting in the XML source code that gets compiled into the BGL. If you manually edit the XML file in the package sources, and add spline="TRUE" to a vertex just before...
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    MSFS Package output options

    When building a project in ADE F20, you are prompted to copy the package to the Community folder in your MSFS2020 installation. I keep my addons on another hard drive and use MSFS Addons Linker to create links from the Community folder to the folder in which my addons are actually stored. It...
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    MSFS Small vertices are misbehaving

    I apologize in advance if this is a known issue, but I am running into difficulties adding or editing vertices in an existing apron when using smaller sized vertices. I often hit "z" to reduce the vertex size when trying to be more precise with vertex placement. But then I run into the...
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    Library Object Manager

    I have done a fair amount of work organizing scenery objects in the stand-alone version of Library Object Manager. I also use the associated Scenery Maker app to place objects in my airport scenery. I particularly like the tools for automating the placement of large numbers of objects (like...
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    Pilot Activated Lighting

    Discussion thread for Pilot Activated Lighting. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Positioning BGL lights

    Starting with the excellent PAPI tutorial, I have successfully created VASI, REIL, and MIRL lighting using BGL lights. That said, I have been struggling to properly position the light balls relative to nearby scenery objects. In the PAPI tutorial, the BGL lights are positioned using small...