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    Installation requirements

    Hi Arno, you wrote : "And for importing COLLADA, FBX and Wavefront OBJ and for exporting COLLADA, Wavefront OBJ and 3DS I am using a library that depends on the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable. So make sure you have that installed (32 bit version if you run 32 bit MCX, 64 bit version if you run...
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    FS2004 Effects do not trigger

    I modified an airport by placing light effects in ADE9 (Obstruction, Apron floods) Every effect twice (DAY=0;NIGHT=1 and DUSK=1;DAWN=1) as necessary. All works perfect, all changes around the clock do work, but if I fly from another airport to this one at dusk, dawn or night, the effects don't...
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    General Release

    Sorry, wrong English manual included (ADE-GP included, but named AFLT4...)
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    FS2004 Compile error

    I wanted to create a new proect for EDDM, save placement went fine, but compile crashed:
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    FS2004 ADE9 does not compile any more

    My ADE9 does not compile a big .AD4 file. Compiler stops without error message. Extended compile does not work too. Datei von filehorst.de laden Versions: Application 01.78.7298.19731 Engine 04.75.7298.19441
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    FS2004 Strange Ramplights

    I used Bill' Ramplight library to update an airport. At night the lights are fine, at dusk or dawn are only polygons visible: Is that a problem of an alpha channel?
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    FS2004 Ground illumination missing

    Hi Don, today I tested your ramplights in AFLT. I get the 3D object, but no ground illumination on a stock airport (VOHY). I copied the textures to fs9 main texture and to VOHY texture too. https://abload.de/img/light195jtc.jpg https://abload.de/img/light2ffktw.jpg
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    FS2004 Strange error at startup

    Where does it come from at FS9 startup???
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    FS2004 PAPI 3D calculation

    Dear Don, some of us use ADE PAPIs and your 3D Papis. You would help us a lot if your calculation could be a little bit more matching the lights. Now it looks like this: https://abload.de/img/papi1iaja2.jpg Is is a little tricky to change the PAPI by AFLT4 to match the ADE PAPIs.
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    FS2004 Wrong units after reload (ft <-> M)

    Hi Don, I get false numbers after reload project to do further changes in approach lights. I had entered all numbers in "M". I saved and compiled, all fine in FS9. But after reloading the project to fine adjust some lights, all numbers are in ft (the sheet says "Meter") All is in the picture:
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    FS2004 2 Digits Runway Numbers

    How can I get "02" instead of "2" in runway markings?
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    FS2004 VASI Brightness

    Hello Don, shouldn't the PAPIs be as bright as the approach lights? I think they are to dark (visibility by day 3-5nm, at night >20nm) Just one picture
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    FS2004 Traffic and Parking Analyser Error

    After loading Trafic and Parking Analyser I clicked "Traffic Files" - "Files for only ICAO:" typed "HTDA" and clicked "All Files Currently Accessible in FS9" Result was a wrong list of "aircrafts with no radius" and an error (s. picture)
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    FS2004 Does no start anymore

    FXEditor does not start anymore.
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    FS2004 Problem to start new Project

    Hi Don, After installing TSPro I wanted to start a new Project, but I get an error "input string has wrong format". I ran win 10, German edition, but use Dot (.) instead of Comma (,) for decimal numbers (10.20 f.e)
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    FS2004 Array Elevation wrong?

    Hi Don, I think the elevation is to enter in feet, otherwise the compiled bgl is wrong.
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    FS2004 Changed Approach lights?

    Hi Don, Some weeks ago I got approach lights with 3D lamps, now I get only red bars with lights on. Is it my error or did you change it?
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    FS2004 Complex Split compile

    I realized that Navaids go to XXXX_OBJ.bgl, I would prefer to XXXX_APR.bgl. I tried to create a FS9 approach and wanted to split it for FSX use. Of course I found a way by editing the both XML files and compiled them again... :) (Just an idea)
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    FS2004 Clouds and transparent parts

    (It drives me crazy) I created a tower with transparent parts (colored glass with some opaque(?)) in Sketchup 2017. All looks fine at day and night without clouds, but with clouds the parts are totally cleared (or perhaps gone?).