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  1. Lagaffe

    MSFS A model behavior to shortcut "CTRL+E" event

    Hi, My aim to usesome codes, on a twin engine (Canso PBY-5A), to start: 1 - the right propeller with a very small speed (only the right engine has a hydraulic pump), 2 - then start the right engine, - wait some instants and - make 1 /2 operations for the left engine. A) Reading the XML files...
  2. Lagaffe

    MSFS Event management in javascript

    Good evening, Reading a lot of B-21-soaring 's javascript (present in many freeware) I was able to write a js that allows me to manage via a 3D button on the VC the extension/closure of a cargo door on an aircraft. The animation of this opening is managed by the variable A:FLAPS HANDLE PERCENT...
  3. Lagaffe

    MSFS Synchronization between HTML/JS code and a simple xml gauge to share Lvars values

    Hi, To manage tanks doors on an amphibious aircraft (Canso PBY-5A), I want to control : - either by keyboard shortcuts (FLAPS_ON) - or by clicking on a 3D button in the cockpit, I have used a little gauge: System.xml declared in my panel.cfg and a HTML/JS which compute some informations (50...
  4. Lagaffe

    MSFS ADE for MSFS not detecting my "Runway Start" of an old FSX Project

    Hi, I have used ADE FS20 to convert a FSX airport of mine: CYMX to MSFS. ADE for FSX has any problem with my CYMX project and I have 4 runway start in it. When I open my FSX ADE Project and try to modify it in order to compile it for MSFS, I obtain theses errors (joined image). Is it ADE that...
  5. Lagaffe

    MSFS Impossible to trigger some keyboard actions

    Hello, In my last creation, I let the user assign the EXTEND SPOILERS and RETRACT SPOILERS commands to keyboard or joystick keys and I would like to retrieve these events in a gauge to be able to perform additional processing. I have tried the SPOILERS_ON, SPOILERS_OFF and SPOILERS_TOGGLE...
  6. Lagaffe

    MSFS Animation of the floats of a seaplane using spoilers animation

    Hello, Here is my problem, on my Canso PBY-5A, I wanted to animate the floats between the high and low positions. I use a switch with 3 positions: 1 for the retract float with hydraulic system in use 0 for the hydraulic system off -1 for the extend float with hydraulic system in use First...
  7. Lagaffe

    MSFS Effects developped with

    Well, the troubles continue with the new release ... All the effects I had developed for Henrik (KL791) since 15 days : - 3 different wakes, - one fire, - 2 water/delaying drops) don't work at all anymore. Tests: - I had the idea to reload the Calypso and to observe the wake that I...
  8. Lagaffe

    MCX new version prevents MCX 1.50 execution

    Hello Arno, Since the new release of MCX for MSFS (Last days of Juin) , I remarks that MCX 1.50 can't be launch: nothing appeart on the screen. I think what the reason is in the new system of recording parameters. I noticed also that removing MCX informations under...
  9. Lagaffe

    Blender: how to move an "animation"

    Hello, The problem is quite simple: In a model HN433 I have created some parts, animated and textured them. I would like to copy theses "parts and animations" into another model HN700 which has exactly the same "parts and animations" but at an another location: the dimensions of the first model...
  10. Lagaffe

    MSFS How to debug local variables (L Vars)

    Hi, When I develop for FSX or Prepar3D, I used to use utilities to display my local variables to debug my code. Often I used BlackBox3 tool (https://www.robbiemcelrath.com/fs/blackbox). With MSFS, we have in the SDK SimVars.exe but I think it is limited to variables of type A: Did you face...
  11. Lagaffe

    Photo coverage too big for FSX

    Hello, Here is the problem: I have created a scene with photo coverage for FSX and Prepar3D. The scene on Prepar3D works very well especially on the 64 bits version. On FSX after a few minutes, most often after a panning, the simulator crashes. After checking all the technical points and BGL...
  12. Lagaffe

    MSFS Some projects that I will upgrade from FSX to P3D and MSFS

    All this stuff was started a few year ago, under Gmax and it is yet imported under Blender v2.83. Two aircrafts form SAGQ, project started in 2016 with a Canadair CL-215T: with his VC (image from P3D v4 for it first tests) and a Canso PBY-5x which can fly yet under MSFS In Warbird category a...
  13. Lagaffe

    MSFS Whale animation with a traffic boat

    Hi, Will some of you have created boat traffic and would you have added animations to these boats? I would like to make a zodiac traffic on the St. Laurent and add to these zodiac an animation of a whale probing a few meters from the zodiac. As far as the zodiac traffic is concerned, I managed...
  14. Lagaffe

    CTH3 Les Grandes Bergeronnes (Quebec)

    Hi, This scenery which had been created by GreenHopper for FSX was an opportunity to put into practice a number of technical points that were discussed on this forum. It is a small bush runway at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River near Tadoussac and is an area very frequented by whales and...
  15. Lagaffe

    MSFS How do you manage your scenery with "Asobo ArtProjects" examples ?

    Hi guys, After a lot of tests, I managed to build two scenes (CYMX and CTH3) with several BGLs (objects locations) but the method used is not optimal. Indeed, I start from a "SimpleScenery artproject" to build my library and the placements of my objects which gives me a BGL for this category...
  16. Lagaffe

    MSFS Petition for return of "mouse rectangles"

    Hello every body, if you want to be able to use "clicks buttons" again in FSX cockpits portover MSFS, you can vote for this patch here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/make-legacy-cockpit-buttons-work-again/325942 The number of people who has voted has been x 3 since yesterday. I have...
  17. Lagaffe


    This morning in Europe, wa can now download an install the SDK v0.7.0.0 For the moment from what I've seen, some minor changes to the examples (winsock and bears animated ) and no additions to the documentation, which has remained unchanged since two versions.
  18. Lagaffe

    ArmorPaint, the new software to create PBR texture

    Textures design standards In the years 2000 to 2010, textures for 3D models were designed from 3D models that were projected onto plans, these plans becoming texture maps (maping) that were then worked from 2D software such as PhotoShop, Corel Draw or The Gimp. In the last three or four years, a...
  19. Lagaffe

    MSFS Airports lights in FSX scenery backported on MSFS

    Hi, As one of the designers of the CYMX-MirabelX scenery, I tried to bring it under MSFS. The work was quite fast and the result was quite impressive. That said, there is still one point that remains to be resolved: runways or streets lights is a problem with the display. These lights were made...
  20. Lagaffe

    MSFS How to insert a FSX aircraft in MSFS

    Reference: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fsx-import-showcase/165910 Prerequisite You need to know how to use an IDE and compile under VS 2019, it's essential! I advise you to read the SDK at least once to understand the philosophy of this new simulator. This reading allows you to better...