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  1. Max_Kaptelkin

    MSFS Searching Guys who can help launch the airplane

    in connection with the development of a pair of very interesting aircraft for the simulator. We are looking for guys who can help us implement the work of instruments and animation, as well as flight dynamics. Send all contacts to mail or private messages maxcloud13@inbox.ru
  2. Max_Kaptelkin

    RDS - URKK Krasnodar Pashkovsky Airport

    New collaboration and additional thx Arno for support MCX it amazing help for making scenery https://secure.simmarket.com/rds-russian-digital-simulations-urkk-krasnodar-(pashkovsky)-airport-msfs.phtml
  3. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v4 Release RDS UUEL Konakovo Airfield IAHS P3D4/5

    Some screens from new product. https://secure.simmarket.com/rds-russian-digital-simulations-uuel-konakovo-airfield-iahs-p3d.phtml
  4. Max_Kaptelkin


    Guys i have intersting problem. In prepar3d i have artefacts. Texture ok BUT in prepar3d artefacts IN FSX all OK You know because it and how fix it?
  5. Max_Kaptelkin

    UNNT Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" for FSX&P3D

    I hope it Digital Design, JustSim not can create this big quality...:D:stirthepo But my opinion, Fat Cat you master of texture. Quality texture very high and look good. Терпения в работе вам друг мой:wave:
  6. Max_Kaptelkin

    I'm working on scenery... (2017)

    Good idea)
  7. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    UPDATE Hello everyone.Today we released update 1.0.1 This EP Update for users. In the near future a new installer full version and a separate update will be available in all stores. Change Log: Correction some textures Link for Update from Official Site...
  8. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    FS9 is very small in capabilities. And to convert will have to spend too much effort. And the demand has appeared on this simulator is very small. At the moment, there is more likely that there will be a version of XPLANE.
  9. Max_Kaptelkin

    left drom RDS

    left drom RDS
  10. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    Hello everyone in RDS there have been changes in the pricing policy. NEW PRICE - 17,90 USD instead of 24.90 USD AVAILABLE NOW:http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=4033 All users who have purchased our product at the old price will get privileges and discounts on our next...
  11. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    Please pack all screen in spoiler)) P.S. You need change season in configurator)
  12. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    Yes sure. We added new store AVAILABLE NOW:http://secure.simmarket.com/rds-uuml-severka-airfield.phtml RDS - UUML Severka Airfield today available on simmarket with new price 17.90 euro. Soon price on FlightSimstore as changes to 17.90 usd. The price will be the same in all stores. But still I...
  13. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    thank you, you make a great contribution to our development) Thanks for the kind words they help us to move:santahat: happy New year guys
  14. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v3 RDS - UUML Severka Airfield (Released)

    UUML Severka Airfield RDS - Russian Digital Simulations Severka - private airfield, sports airfield and airfield GA. Located in the Kolomna district of Moscow region,73 km from Moscow or 53 km from UUDD Domodedovo Airport. The airfield is used for deployment and execution of flights by...
  15. Max_Kaptelkin

    FSXA RDS - Russian Digital Simulations Severka Airfield

    In the moment we have more amazing screenshots from Prepar3D. And all screens waiting release) All the work is finished and now begin the final work on the creation of the installer and configurator. After that our product will be on sale at the FSS) Everything has its time) You will see...
  16. Max_Kaptelkin


    Yeah guys it very good quality) additional thx for MIG from Russia))
  17. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    you are not working at the moment on the other companies?
  18. Max_Kaptelkin

    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    Jrobinson how project?