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  1. jgarnold

    Asset Group is nested in another one.

    I get this error when placing my scenery object more than once. Has SDK changed? I did not have this error when placing the same object twice some weeks ago but now when I start again and place my object once and also do a Build All there is NO error BUT when I place the same object in another...
  2. jgarnold

    MSFS MSFS What is the correct method to apply emission to a mesh for MSFS

    I am using just a simple color (not a texture image) for my material for a mesh object and I want to apply MSFS day/night to it so that it only lights at night. When I add a add a material I set SURFACE (from) Principled BDSF to Emission (this was recommended to me) and then set MSFS Material...
  3. jgarnold

    MSFS Is it possible to create an invisible object which will glow in the dark

    It is possible to create an object (say a sphere) and give it an emissive material but also have it invisible with day/night cycle so that during the day it is not seen but at night it is seen (as a glowing sphere)? I tried but failed.
  4. jgarnold

    Is there a 'stock light' which displays as an emissive light

    When viewing scenery especially along streets and roads there are many small 'square shaped' lights which display. Not sure if they are part of those lights which light up an area but don't think so. Are these a 'stock' object I can add to my scenery. I have tried quite a few stock objects with...
  5. jgarnold

    Project menu has disappeared (Solved)

    Since I updated SDK to version '18' the project menu does not display (see image below). Wondering if it was something to do with version 18 I uninstalled it and installed the previous version (17) but still it will not display. What have I done? Is there a setting which 'controls' this? I have...
  6. jgarnold

    MSFS Model disappears with distance

    I have created a simple model of a marine navigation beacon with an emmision color as its material (VERY simple) and added it to my MSFS project, placed it with SDK and when I am close to it I can see it but as I move further away it disappears even though the size is still easily seen. I...
  7. jgarnold

    MSFS How to prevent light light coming through walls

    Is it possible to add a 'light' in blender which does not shine through other objects such as a building wall or a sign board? I have tried all sorts of parameters within Blender (such as the BIAS setting for the light) which work within Blender (the light doesn't come through) but doesn't work...
  8. jgarnold

    MSFS How to add an area type light to a scenery object.

    I have created a light 'pole' and would like to add light to light up the area below it for use in MSFS scenery. I have found 2 or 3 youtube tutorials all of which do NOT have a narration and I defy anyone to be able to follow what is in the (soundless) tutorials as the 'cursor' jumps from one...
  9. jgarnold

    What is the wire frame marker around some scenery objects when placing

    When placing or selecting a previously placed (stock) scenery object named StreetLamp_Type1_Single a 'wire frame box' is drawn around the object. I can't see what it means but hopefully someone will know (see below). All I can think of is that it is for collision detection but why for a street...
  10. jgarnold

    How to add a light object which doesn't reflect in nearby water - (half) SOLVED by myself

    I have added lighting (light_warm object) to my bridge which lights of the deck of my bridge nicely however every light object (there are many as the bridge is 300 meters long) results in reflections on the water which don't look good IMHO. I checked Sydney Harbour Bridge (part of WU7) which...
  11. jgarnold

    Not required

    Not required
  12. jgarnold

    MSFS How to prevent materials reflecting the sun - SOLVED (Custom Properties parameter)

    I have created a bridge object which has an asphalt deck and is placed next to existing photo satellite imagery of road surface. When viewed in MSFS from above and the sun is shining I get 'shades' of the gray color of the asphalt deck which I assume is from sun reflections? This does not happen...
  13. jgarnold

    Is it possible to display models and aprons and polygons at the same time when editing/modifying a project?

    I have placed added some polygons and placed a model previously in my package yesterday. I decided to make some modifications. I open my project, build package and my model appears. I do not see the polygons. I then select a 'polygon' asset and load in editor. My model disappears. Is it...
  14. jgarnold

    How to add an apron for a default airport

    I attempted to add an apron (object) to my project (which is only to place a user model near an existing MSFS airport) but when I do I get an error that it can only be placed at an airport. The apron is an attempt to cover up some satellite textures which are some distance from the airport. Is...
  15. jgarnold

    Editing existing projects

    I am wondering if existing projects can be edited/modified after placing a model. I created a project did a BUILD, then placed a model and then saved the scenery (to create a 'scenery'/xml file in my 'scenery/placement' folder). Later I opened the project thinking that my placed model would...
  16. jgarnold

    PackageBuildLog_G Log info without key or wrong key:

    Ever since the last update (I got yesterday - 3 March) I cannot open the 'project' I had been working on. Every time I 'load recent' or manually load my project I get this error (in the console) and the package does not display. I noted that there is a new version (17) of SDK so I uninstalled...
  17. jgarnold

    How to remove terrain

    After placing my bridge into the default MSFS scenery what appears to be rocks on the existing ground show through the deck of my bridge scenery object where it joins the land. How do I remove this? I am assuming with an exclude polygon but I have tried some of the exclude parameters but they...
  18. jgarnold

    MSFS Which parameters to adjust to ensure no sheen etc

    I have used a jpg (color) image of asphalt for the road surface of a bridge - there was no need to include texture as it will only ever be viewed from the air. Depending on where the sunlight is coming from the darkness and/or sheen can make the surface either slightly too dark or slightly too...
  19. jgarnold

    How to remove incorrect scenery with exclude polygon - look what happens with a water polygon

    Is it possible to remove scenery for what I think is from satellite imagery? Refer image below which shows an area in Australia where there is no bridge (which I have created and will add) and the road either side ends at/near the w3aters edge and looks really weird. Is it possible for me to...