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  1. ronh

    MSFS SDK 11 - Left Panel size - Fix

    To change the left panel width, go to the new html layout.css in F:\MSFS SDK\Documentation\html\template\Orange change: .RH-LAYOUT-LEFTPANEL-container { height: calc(100vh - 4.25rem); top: 0; position: sticky; max-width: 20rem; min-width: 20rem; } to...
  2. ronh

    MSFS Explain js/css/html and xml and gltf/bin and wasm relationships - Unofficial SDK ver 0.13 info

    Can someone explain the relationship between all the new file types and how they relate to each other and what they are used for/do in an aircraft project? TLDR: What I am looking for is more information on how the js/css/html/coherent panel.xml and panel.cfg work together, and I've looked at...
  3. ronh

    MSFS Station_Load.n - Last parameter?

    Does anyone know what the last parameter represents in the station_load.n? station_load.0 = 170, -3, -1.1, 0.9, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.PILOT, 1 station_load.1 = 170, -3, 1.1, 0.9, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.COPILOT, 2 station_load.2 = 0, -6.2, -1, 0.9, TT:MENU.PAYLOAD.FRONT_PAX_LEFT, 4 station_load.3 = 0, -6.2...
  4. ronh

    MSFS Visual Studio 2019 C++ template required for WebAssembly? [Solved]

    The SDK in C++ Gauges part says : I see a section in the SDK folders that have all sorts of platform in formation in xml, props and targets files. Do you install this in VS2019 some how? I don't see "“Microsoft Flight Simulator” for the platform and “WebAssembly” for the project type" What...
  5. ronh

    MSFS SDK in patch 3 (remove this - wrong section)

    New SDK for MSFS in patch 3 posted in wrong section please remove.
  6. ronh

    MSFS Microsoft MSFS SDK - EULA - got a chuckle reading it

    I read the EULA for the MSFS SDK. Got a chuckle. I'll just leave it at that. Not bad, just struck me funny.
  7. ronh

    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    I was wondering why they were upgrading their site. Now we know. P3D announcement
  8. ronh

    All electric DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver float plane

    Harbour Air and magniX will unveil the world’s first Beaver seaplane retrofitted with a 750 horsepower all-electric magni500 propulsion system for the inaugural test flight on Tuesday, December 10* Harbour Air founder and CEO Greg McDougall took off solo in the bright yellow retrofitted DHC-2...
  9. ronh

    Stay and literally Fly at hotel in Japan

    Looks like I don't need to take my xbox controller on trips anymore. :mischievo I can play flight sim in my hotel. https://kotaku.com/enormous-flight-simulator-installed-in-tokyo-hotel-1836238095 https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/japan-hotel-flight-simulator-intl-hnk/index.html
  10. ronh

    I think a scam Flight Sim

    Got this in my spam folder this morning. based on the site domain (did not click on) I assume a scam of some sort. Ron
  11. ronh

    Prepar3d V4 - Out May 30, 2017

    http://www.prepar3d.com/latest-news/ Title says it all. Edit: and some vids
  12. ronh

    Xplane 11 due out late 2016

    Video of xplane 11 talk. If you buy xp10 now xp11 is a free upgrade.
  13. ronh

    Selfies Meh ..... But this one

    Thought this was cool. Growler Selfie edit: too bad as the original photo was much bigger.
  14. ronh

    P3D v3 SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent in C# (Resolved)

    I am trying to make the Throttle Control C++ example into a managed example in C#. Almost got it except for: simconnect.MapInputEventToClientEvent(INPUT_ID.INPUT_KEYS, "A", EVENT_ID.EVENT_A, (uint)1, EVENT_ID.EVENT_NOEVENT, (uint)1, false); This give me an exception =1 UnKNOWN. From the SDK...
  15. ronh

    XPlane 10.50 (or 11?) - FlightSimCon 2016

    There are a few YouTube vids for Xplane 10.5 (or is it 11) here is one. Looks interesting. It's 1:11 long Vector details of city streets and building autogen data. Open street maps. Autogen via street maps! Street lights will light up autogen buildings. Aircraft upgrades - mouse wheel...
  16. ronh

    P3D v3 Single Engine Fail - Emulate with what Values?

    Has anyone modeled a GA twin and emulate the flight characteristics when a single engine has failed - no feather/windmilling and feathered. The twins I have fly nicely with both engines, but if I shut one down and feather the "real" aircraft has a +100 to 200 ft/per altitude gain (up to 8000...
  17. ronh

    P3D v4 Blender to P3D ToolSet - *To be retired - NEW FSX ver with P3D"

    UPDATE 2016-08-20 - update and bug fix release v0.1.4 I have ported over the excellent Blender to FSX toolset for use with Prepar3d. I will be basically the exact same code as Blender to FSX (0.8.x) with the following enhancements/changes. 1. Uses Prepar3d v3 SDK and v2 SDK (0.1.4) 2. Will...
  18. ronh

    Z-Bias in the x file - where?

    Where does the Z-Bias line appear in the X file? What does it look like? I assume it is a separate entity and is part of the FSXMaterial coding; example cube: Material Material_001 { 0.640000; 0.640000; 0.640000; 1.000000;; 96.078431; 0.500000...
  19. ronh

    P3D v3 fs9gps undocumented variables - like @g:currentAxxxxxxx

    Where can I find a listing and/or definitions of macros in the fs9gps world for macros like.... (@g:currentAirportApproach) Just trying to understand the G1000 type xml modules.
  20. ronh

    [Resolved]P3Dv3(2.5) - External SimObjects

    Has anyone worked with the External Simobjects? Just looking at the example "ESFO". Say you create a real mdl etc. and want to use the G key to trigger the gear. I tried playing with and existing aircraft mdl and can get it to do the same things as the ESFO, up, down forward backward etc. but...