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    MSFS Autopilot pitch control

    Hello, This problem is not new, I also had it with fs9/FSX and could find a workaround, but not this time. I would like to control a pitch with the autopilot. For example, imagine I would like the autopilot to maintain a 3° nose up attitude. Is this possible? I tried to use AP_ATT_HOLD and...
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    MSFS Autopilot LOC mode

    Hello experts, I am trying to get the LOC mode to work on my aircraft. To engage this mode, I use K:AP_LOC_HOLD_ON like I used to do with fs9/FSX/P3D but here it doesn't work with MSFS, the heading mode remains active and it does not capture the LOC. I must say my ILS is configured on NAV 3...
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    MSFS Question about autobrakes

    Hello experts, My aircraft autobrake selector has 8 positions, as shown here: I changed the systems.cfg to set auto_brakes to 6, with the additional RTO and OFF positions, I have 8 positions, from 0 to 7. So everything is consistent. Now the question is: how does the sim knows which is...
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    MSFS Unable to override a template parameter

    Hello, In the interior model XML file, I am trying to override the SET_STATE_EXTERNAL parameter. In fact, I use the ASOBO_AUTOPILOT_Knob_Heading_Template for my heading knob, which is defined in Autopilot_Subtemplates.xml, and I would like to change the code that is executed when the knob is...
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    MSFS Manage needle animation in VC

    Hello, My aircraft has "steam" instrument, such as airspeed indicator, that works with a needle. In my interior XML model, I could animate it according to the aircraft airspeed by using Asobo templates, exactly like it is done in the Cessna. To be honest, I didn't understand everything I did...
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    I have a rotating knob that controls the decision height. The XML code is as simple as expected: <CLOCKWISE_CODE>(&gt;K:INCREASE_DECISION_HEIGHT)</CLOCKWISE_CODE> <ANTICLOCKWISE_CODE>(&gt;K:DECREASE_DECISION_HEIGHT)</ANTICLOCKWISE_CODE> I roll the mouse forward and the decision height...
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    MSFS Settings ILS Course when configured as NAV3

    Hello, Do you know how to set the ILS course when it is defined as NAV3? I know how to set the frequency, all the event IDs are available for this (NAV3_RADIO_SET_HZ) but I can't find a way to set the ILS course. Needless to say SetSimVar does not work because SetSimVar is designed to be used...
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    MSFS Common problem with rotating knobs

    Hello experts, I am not an expert in virtual cockpit animations and I am facing a problem that I believe is very common: I created an animation for a rotating knob that controls a local variable that varies from 0 to 359 degrees, and like the HEADING or COURSE knob in many cockpits, it can turn...
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    MSFS Understanding Virtual File System

    I develop gauges in Javascript. As I came through a strange bug, I used the debugger to place breakpoints here and there. I happened to look into NavSystem.js, a source file provided by Asobo and when I saw it in the debugger, I realized the one I was using was not the original source file...
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    MSFS Reading airways

    After some efforts I finally succeeded in reading airways using the FacilityLoader. In order to test it, I used a waypoint I know because it is part of my flight plan. It is DANKS, near Oklahoma City. This waypoint is both on J8 and J152 airways. The problem I have is that I am not sure I get...
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    MSFS Importing flight plan

    When importing the flight plan from MSFS, I use the departureRunwayIndex and arrivalRunwayIndex attributes to identify the runways that were selected for departure and arrival in the flight plan creation screen, before starting the flight. What is strange is that departureRunwayIndex is always...
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    MSFS What are SLOT INDEX ?

    I found these simvars in the SDK: Do you know what they are? Are they supposed to simulate several autpilots? Thanks for any clue, Eric
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    Message deleted because I found the explanation that was because of an error in my code. This thread can be deleted. Thanks, Eric
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    Hello, I am working on an autopilot that uses the standard MSFS autopilot. When I engage the ALT mode to reach a given altitude in V/S mode, it works well, the aircraft climbs to the target altitude using the V/S I have set, perfectly. The problem is that during this climb (or descent), I read...
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    MSFS Storing time in a local variable

    Hello experts, For specific reasons, I would like to store in a local variable (L: var) the exact time at which the aircraft leaves the ground during take off. I use the ABSOLUTE TIME sim var for this, that I read like this: SimVar.GetSimVarValue("E:ABSOLUTE TIME", "seconds"); If I display this...
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    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    Hi Developers, I would like to ask a general question about memory sharing in MSFS, I mean the way several instruments can share information. Let me explain... In FSX/P3D, the gauges used to be DLLs, and you could have all the gauges of an aircraft grouped into a single DLL (what I usually...
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    MSFS Adding Radios

    Hello experts, I am working on an aircraft in which I would like to have the ILS receiver mapped as NAV 3, just like in the Asobo A320. In order to achieve this, I modified the RADIOS section of the systems.cfg file as follows: But it doesn't seem to work :( In my code, when I read the sim...
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    MSFS Looking for sample code

    Does any of you know where I can find some sample code for an ingame panel? I would like to develop an ingame panel similar to the VFR map and I don't know how to start. I simple sample that just displays a web page would be enough. Thanks, Eric
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    MSFS Where is the SDK?

    Simple question today: I have just installed SDK 0.14, only the documentation. Unlike previous versions, I couldn't find a way to choose the installation location and now... I don't know where it is installed? Can someone help me finding it?
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    MSFS Refreshing the model without restarting the sim

    I can't remember how it was before SU5 but I think it was working fine. Anyway, since SU5, I can't refresh the interior model without restarting the sim. Each time I modify the interior model XML file (A320_NEO_INTERIOR.xml in my case), I try to refresh it using the 'Load' button of the aircraft...