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    Transparent texture visible in fog

    Hey everyone, just noticed that my transparent light texture is visible in the fog Maybe I did something wrong in MCX? Any ideas?
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    Make photoreal follow ground elevation

    Maybe a bit of a stupid question, but I was wondering if it's possible to make photoreal follow the ground elevation. Right now it's completely flat and not following the earth curvature which causes some issues with aircraft wheels "sinking" through it. Maybe we did something wrong in our...
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    P3D v5 Texture only visible from low viewing point

    Hello everyone, quick question. After implementing our night lighting we have struck on another issue. It only works from a low viewing point. See images below. Any idea on what this could be? Kind regards.
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    P3D v5 LOD and Runway/Taxiway lights

    Hello everyone, We have a complete airport ready, however we can't figure out the night lighting on the runways and taxiways. We made a halo texture and applied these. However these were far too small and disappeared far away. We made a bigger halo which was visible from far away however this...
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    UV Unwrap and texturing long lines/ taxiways

    Hey guys after unwrapping one part and then using the follow active quads I still have issues getting the complete model textured the same way as I did the first part. Doing everything seperately will take days on a big airport. So there must be a better way. Any ideas or other workflows...
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    Creating an installer for our payware scenery project

    Hello everyone, Now that my project is nearing completion, it is time to start thinking about distribution. I wonder if anyone has a good suggestion on how and where I can create a good installer with serial keys and of course edit the necessary .cfg files etc. Looking forward to hearing from...
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    Fixed, thread can be closed