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    Animation baking

    Hi, I have problems with my ferris wheel gondolas starting to shift positions in MSFS after roughly one full rotation even though all is fine in Blender. I think it may be something to do with baking. So, should I be baking the animation before or after I push down the NLA track? thanks Stinger
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    Animation of a ferris wheel....help needed please

    Hi, I am animating a ferris wheel and I have the wheel rotating correctly. How can I rotate the gondolas as if attached to the wheel but remaining upright? Do I need to move and keyframe the position of each individual gondola around all points of 360 degrees ? I tried parenting the gondolas...
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    Animation woes

    Hi all, I am animating a fairground ride. All looks ok in Blender, but when in MSFS, parts of the ride are progressively shifting their positions. So the animation is not resetting to the same starting point and the objects gradually move location. If apply all transforms in Blender then my...
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    Terrain mesh using a polygon

    Hi, I am currently modelling a funicular railway. To do this successfully I needed a flat ramp for the carriages to run up and down on. I made a flatten of the existing mesh then made in a custom polygon to create the ramp. The problem is that the polygon does not settle into place until...
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    UV mappings being rotated

    Hi all, I have encountered an issue that I have not had before. My project looks fine in dev mode but when I load the built package into the sim the UV mappings on some of the faces are being rotated? All objects in Blender have been joined into one object (ctrl-J) .I also applied "all...
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    Excluding specific objects in an Orbx package

    Hi all, I have created a seaside pier as part of an ongoing series of piers that I am developing for the UK. I also have installed, ORBX's Great Britain Central. I would like to exclude the Orbx pier at Saltburn, UK so that I can replace it with my own which I prefer. Is it possible to...
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    Live model updating when editing

    In the good old days when we had a useful sdk we used to be able to see our model changes as soon as we clicked export in Blender. That doesn't seem to work anymore but I was wondering if anyone has found a way to do it yet. I have spent the entire morning trying to adjust my emission channel...
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    Emissions messed up

    Hi all, I have never had this problem before ....all looks ok in the scenery editor but when I build the package and look at it in the sim the UV mapping is messed up on the emissions map. Anyone else had this problem? cheers Stinger
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    Excludung light orbs

    Hi guys, Can i check if this is possible yet? Cheers Stinger Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Animation not working, Can anyone help please?

    So I have an animation working in Blender. It is a train moving along a track. I have pushed the animation down to an NLA track but when I export it to MSFS it doesn't move. Here is my .xml details <?xml version="1.0" ?> <ModelInfo guid="{0cd15704-3cb6-4e84-ab72-c1230ebfbe73}"...
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    Best way to bend a cylinder?

    Hi, I am trying to make an arch made out of tubing (aprox 3 inches diameter tubing, the arch is approx 15 feet tall and 25 feet across). What is the best way to acheive the bending of the cylinder to produce the arch? Thanks Stinger Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
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    Combining models into one file

    Hi all, i have been designing some UK piers for MSFS and releasing them one by one as I go. Is there a way of combing the models into one release package "after the event" ? Users have asked me to look into this as their folders are getting cluttered up with all of the single releases. Thanks...
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    Spot light shines through geometry

    Hi I I am making a lighthouse. In blender I have added an animated spot light. On the land side I have opaque glass as in the screenshot but the spotlight shines though it and lights up the cliff face behind it in MSFS. Is there a way of stopping the light shining through the opaque glass. (red...
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    MSFS Is there PBR comp textures tutorial for MSFS using photoshop

    Hi all, I am struggling to get my head around creating comp textures for MSFS using photoshop using the RGB channels for AO,Roughness,Metalness. Does anyone know of a tutorial document or video? All the PBR videos I have found so far do not seem to fit what I need. thanks Stinger
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    MSFS Best method for creating reflectivity on windows

    Hi all, I have created a block of flats and have useď photos to create a single albedo texture. I would like to make the windows reflect the light, i.e make them more shiny. What is the best method? 1 Make a mask of the albedo for specularity 2 Add planes in front of all of the windows with a...
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    MSFS Unable to "shade smooth" an object

    Hi, I have imported a Gmax model (mdl) into Blender (via ModelconverterX) ready for export to MSFS format. I have previously made native MSFS models and used the "shade smooth" utility in Blender 2.83 with no problem. With this old FSX model imported I cannot seem to use "shade smooth"...
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    Unable to smooth converted objects.

    Hi, I have imported an model from FSX into Blender ready for conversion to MSFS format. I have previously made native MSFS models and used the "shade smooth" utility in Blender 2.83 with no problem. With this old FSX model imported I cannot seem to use "shade smooth", except on the objects...
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    Dumb question

    If MSFS uses xml gauges why don't xml gauges from FSX work in MSFS. ? Regards Stinger Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Bus switches in C172 MSFS

    Hi guys, Has anyone managed to map the two bus switches in the stock C172 G1000 model? (The two grey switches to the right of the battery switches) I am still trying to rid myself of needing to use the mouse to operate the cockpit. This one evades me. Nothing shows up in a FSUIPC7 event trace...
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    Mouse click spots

    As a cockpit builder I am looking to map the various event controls of the g1000. In particular I want to assign the map zoom knob as unfortunately this event is not assignable in the game nor is it available to simconnect and hence fsuipc7. When I had a similar problem in fsx I was able to...