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    MSFS Can ADE open msfs third party airports ?

    Hey, I’ve got two questions; one: is it possible to open third party airport .bgl’s with ADE to edit and save some features ? two: if answer to question one is yes, can we edit any third party airports terraform borders with ADE ? thanks for any feeds.
  2. K

    Editing a terraform area, is it possible ?

    Hey guys, Some third party airports come with a rather carelessly designed terraform area that breaks the photogrammetry coverage around the airport turning it into 2D map data only. Is there any way to disable or at least edit such terraform area borders on SDK or perhaps on ADE ? Thanks for...
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    MSFS Can we open third party airport’s .bgl with ADE in order to edit it ?

    Hey, Is it possible to open a third party airport’s .bgl that has the taxiway layout in it with ADE and edit it ? If so, can anyone explain me how ? Thnx !
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    a difficult polygon case

    Hi, Let me start by describing the case : - there is a third party airport add-on with a polygon that also killed photogrammetry around the airport. - the airport also created custom buildings around it. - is it possible to create a polygon on top of it, that would cover the area around the...
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    MSFS How to create a polygon to remove everything but Photogrammetry ?

    Hey guys ! I need help to remove some Asobo’s handcrafted buildings near an Asobo airport, I think I need to create a polygon for the area in the SDK. Is there any option therein to remove everything but the photogrammetry ( the area also has bing photogrammetry, which I want to keep ) in the...
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    MSFS how to configure modelConverterX for msfs

    hey guys ! I just looked for a built-in msfs directory setting in the latest version of modelConverterX and couldn't find any amonst other simulator versions. is there any way you know to pick msfs as default sim so that it automatically reads and lists all the msfs simobjects, ie aircraft ?
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    how to remove objects from a .bgl

    Hey folks ! I want to remove a few unwanted buildings that come with an airport scenery, does anyone know how I can remove them and recompile the .bgl ? can I use msfs 2020 SDK or ADE F20 ?