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    MSFS Messed up scenery after building package

    I am currently being held up by a problem I never encountered before. While actually editing my scenery within the scenery editor everything is fine (Pic 1) After the package is build (and when I load a flight) all of a sudden all of my terraforming is all over the place and some objects placed...
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    MSFS Foreign scenery objects origin?

    Hello everyone. Everyone who created stuff and has a community folder filled with addons knows what I mean. Inside the objects menu in the SDK there are now tons of objects from all the other sceneries. Is it possible to find out what addon scenery the origin of this is? So let's say I see some...
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    MSFS Adding EFFECTS to an aircraft?

    Hello everybody, has anyone of you got a clue, on if it possible to add effects to an aircraft already? Talking about stuff such as wingtip vortices, contrails (of course...) and stuff. I already tried around a little. For example: Adding [Smokesystem] smoke.0=-17.4, -43.8, 1.04...
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    MSFS Taxiway Holdshort line not showing.

    Hello everybody. I built a scenery of my home airport lately with the SDK Scenery Editor. However I seem to have a problem. Once the airport is compiled my to hold short lines are gone but they are showing inside the Scenery Editor. So for some reason, once the bgl file is created the hold short...
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    Generic buildings not showing in ADE and FSX

    Hello, I am having a strange problem regarding FSX and ADE. For some reason no generic buildings are showing in FSX on airports where they normally should be. This happens on ANY airport that has generic buildings. If I open such an airport with ADE, the blue rectangle which stands for a generic...