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  1. J

    Saving modeldef

    I have a issue with the modeldef not saving what I change. I have tried several times to change the length to 200, but when I recheck it goes back to the original 100. Also in the same instance of saving I added the line <Scale>200</Scale> and it saved that ......... <Animation...
  2. J


    How can I separate these parts to remove flags?
  3. J

    Change object angle

    I'm lost as how to change angle of the part in pink. Need to follow the blue line..
  4. J

    xml editor

    How do I edit and save the Modeldef.xml in the editor?
  5. J

    Annimation error on save

    Trying to add/save annimation and get his error
  6. J


    I tried to merge the cockpit on right with one on left so it will fit in plane, but it merged way to the right. How to make them together??
  7. J

    moving gauges in or out on the panel

    Looking at these numbers what do I change to move the gauges in or out? //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$VC_01 //gauge00=B50!Main, 0,0,1,1 gauge15=B50!LightInTrans...
  8. J

    Errors while exporting to FSX

    I've been working on this Firefox plane for months. I have taken the seat out of the mdl file and exported as the fsx and it shows in the sim(MSFS2020). When I try to export the complete plane these are the error. Anyone got a clue as to what the problem is???
  9. J

    Isolating parts

    How can I isolate more that one model part at the same time?
  10. J

    Can't Export ruins the mdl

    Trying to fix lights on the F-22 when I export this is what I get and the plane is unusable. Any suggestions
  11. J

    MSFS Props

    Is there a way to make props rotate faster? As in a ported Tiger cat to MSFS 2020 the props are like turning really slow. Plane fly's just looks weird
  12. J

    Why does this need a fix

    Don't understand this error with the thrusters, what to do.....
  13. J

    Texture Fix

    In MCX or anything how would I fix the checkered textures in pic?
  14. J


    Converting this plane but the A?B just comes out silver looking. Suggestions on how to make it look right.
  15. J


    Not sure if this is the correct place to post. Anyone know how to get the afterburners to work in MSFS2020? I've seen pics of them but have tried all I know but No Joy.
  16. J

    Elevator Problem

    Trying to fix the elevators on the Mig 29. Everything seemed to be backwards after converting and have fixed flaps, but no idea where to begin to look. Thanks for any suggestions
  17. J

    FSX Fs2000 to FS9 to FSX

    Using MCX can I go from the earlier versions to FSX? I've been doing all the same probably why some don't work well. Thanks
  18. J

    Old Firefox

    Any of you guys that know how to build planes, I found a old Firefox Project that looks to have all the parts. I just wouldn’t know where to begin. If you want I can send as I don’t remember where I got it. Thanks JT
  19. J

    Help on the Firefox

    I've been trying for about a week now to get this converted. I got in MSFS2020 hanger but crashes if I click on it. This is what I saw when I converted Can someone that understands have a look and see if this fixable or just quit. Thanks
  20. J

    Contact Points

    Can MCX be used to adjust heights of the aircraft? Also are the dots in pic the contact points, and any idea why this model has 2 front nose gear