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  1. arno

    P3D v5 create accurate water polys using scenProc?

    Once I have the steps relatively stable I'll put them in the development release.
  2. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    MCX 1.5 uses ImageTool from the FS SDK, not ImageMagic. But glad to hear you got it working.
  3. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    Version 1.5 does need the ImageTool tool from the FS sdk to write DDS files. Did you setup that path in the options? The development release no longer uses ImageTool and can save the DDS files directly
  4. arno

    P3D v5 create accurate water polys using scenProc?

    Hi, Can you share that article maybe? After your posts a few weeks ago I have started playing with other indices than NDVI, there are indices for water and such as well. So those might help for this.
  5. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    Which version of MCX are you using? It should be able to export dds. It might be that the option to override existing textures in the material editor is set to false. You also need to manually save them, just running the flip option does not save the texture.
  6. arno

    MCX Strange Interior Model Render

    Hi, This morning I spend some time to test this issue with different builds of MCX. I have found out that a change made in December last year to fix an animation bug has caused this issue. Now I need to figure out what is wrong with that fix :)
  7. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    The flipping is vertical indeed. But looking at the texture, even when it would be flipped you should still see something. So it seems more likely that X-Plane can't find or read the texture file.
  8. arno

    P3D v5 scenProc causing 'Unhandled Exception' errors

    Hi, From looking at the code I can't see where the error comes from. The function that is mentioned in the stack trace should not have any null objects. Just to double check, you are using a batch file to run different scripts sequentially when this sometimes happens?
  9. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    I don't have X-Plane installed at the moment, so not sure what I could test in that case. Looking at the model it should be well possible to convert it to X-Plane, it only has one drawcall.
  10. arno

    P3D v4 Scenproc error with 3d buildings

    Hi, I can confirm it was a bug. Recently I had not tested the untextured mode of the Create3DBuildings step and it turned out some logic in the step used the texture definition that is not present for untextured buildings. It will be fixed in the next release.
  11. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    Hi, MCX does use the FS definition by default, that's why they render fine. If you load an X-Plane native object you will have to change the option to flip the textures on loading. The flip vertical in the material editor is a way to flip the texture indeed. Afterwards you would have to save...
  12. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    X-Plane uses a different definition for the origin of the DDS files, so you would have to vertically flip them first.
  13. arno

    Attached objects confusion

    OK, that is a recent development release. I remember I fixed an issue a few months ago, but you have that fix already.
  14. arno

    Don Grovestine [Gadgets] Passed Away

    Don will be missed indeed. I had many interesting tools and programming related discussions over the years with him Condoleances to his family.
  15. arno

    No texture after exporting P3D to X-Plane

    Did you convert the textures to a format X-Plane can read and put them in the right folder?
  16. arno

    Attached objects confusion

    OK, let me try to reproduce it with that model. Which version of MCX are you using?
  17. arno

    P3D v5 Feature Request - Way to add samples via scenProc for Texture Filter Editor

    No, the samples are stored in the TFC file and not referenced by their path. So that would not work. I think adding a button to remove all samples would help (I have hit that obstacle myself as well). Then adding the new samples is easy to do by multi selecting all in a specific folder. But...
  18. arno

    MSFS blender animation issue after .dae export via MCX

    That's interesting. The DAE exporter should remove the animations before exporting, but that should not cause displacement of parts.
  19. arno

    Attached objects confusion

    Hi Dan, Sounds like a bug. Does this happen with any aircraft you try or only this model?
  20. arno

    3DS Max 3Ds Max export

    Indeed, inside the FSX MDL format all parts with the same material are combined. So MCX will not even know that there were multiple parts in GMax and that's why they are not exported as well.