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  1. AdventumSims

    MSFS Adventum Tours: Australia - Under Development

    After fighting a second round of Covid (this time the Omicron variant), my development work on our next project was somewhat delayed. I was originally trying to have the release coincide with the Microsoft World Update, but it did not happen. I am currently working on our next Adventum Tours...
  2. AdventumSims

    MSFS MV-22B Osprey Release 2.0

    Great work!
  3. AdventumSims

    MSFS Freeware Released! - Dortmund for the MSFS

    Great work Christian. I like the umbrella dude and the moving eyes are amazing!
  4. AdventumSims

    MSFS Teleport Workaround?

    Mr_LiamT, Thanks for your knowledge and information once again. I'll try applying what you have written here and see if I have success. I haven't messed with Simvars too much yet, but I am learning (slowly) how to interact with the sim. Thanks again, Jeff
  5. AdventumSims

    MSFS Teleport Workaround?

    Did anyone find a workaround for teleport in MSFS? It appears to be broken in its current state. I can teleport successfully to the proper location, but heading, altitude, speed, etc. is not retained.
  6. AdventumSims

    FSX Hi new to making Missions

    Good luck on your mission creation. I just started myself about 6 months ago for the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  7. AdventumSims

    MSFS Grenoble Airport - LFLS (P3Dv4/5 & MSFS)

    Looks good Iron!
  8. AdventumSims

    MSFS Hahnweide EDST - now the OTT22 edition

    Awesome work Stefan!
  9. AdventumSims

    Hello from Arkansas

    Thanks Sergio!
  10. AdventumSims

    P3D v5 Photosceneries and Autogen Packages for the world

    Looks good Matthias. Keep up the great work.
  11. AdventumSims

    Loowit Sceneries - The Official Mount St. Helens Experience.

    I remember watching this on the news when I was 8 at my grandma's house, wayback when. National Geographic magazine did some great coverage on St. Helens post eruption. I remember the large pullouts etc. Still wish I had those around. Congrats on the project changes. It looks very well done.
  12. AdventumSims

    What Triggers FX?

    Thanks Tom for responding. I haven't dove into FX files yet. I was just curious about the altitude parameters. I have been a long time fan of your work.
  13. AdventumSims

    What Triggers FX?

    Does the .wav file activate at all altitudes or is it ground based? I am researching these files as well.
  14. AdventumSims

    MSFS Our First Product Release - Adventum Tours: Hawaii

    Hey all, We reached a milestone today with our company's first product release. It is pretty crazy that I used to write reviews of products back when working at MicroWINGS, to now developing products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As with many of you, we have all been through a lot this past...
  15. AdventumSims

    P3D v5 (P3D) Zagora Airport - GMAZ

    Great start. Keep it up.
  16. AdventumSims

    Post your developer experiences with Windows 11 here

    Yes, I am with scruffy and others. Windows 10 is working great on my machine. I won't update until it is needed.
  17. AdventumSims

    Westerland/Sylt | EDXW | GWT

    Nicely done!