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  1. MatthewC

    Ptsim is a VIRUS?

    I don't know why it is saying this but on google chrome the website is marked as a site that contains malware. I know this is a mistake cause the good people there wouldn't give us a virus.I think that the guys that hack the site before may have did something to it again but i don't really...
  2. MatthewC

    Technique for lining up with photoscenery

    Does anyone have a technique for lining up a runway in gmax with fsx because i am almost done with my project but it is offset and i can't get it right. I always see other people how they have perfect and just wondering how.
  3. MatthewC

    Orbx 2cm

    So i saw orbx's new scenery and it said that they used 2cm imagery but i though fsx can only handle 7cm, so what would be the point of using something that isn't fully shown, or was fsx tweaked?
  4. MatthewC

    Performance for railings

    Ok so i am making the main terminal of my airport and it has lots of railings and stairs. My question is if i was to make a real railing with cylinders and boxes would it make fs stutter alot or would a plane with a alpha channel be better?
  5. MatthewC

    FSX Salavza Airport

    Ok so this is my first project that i created. It took me a long time to learn and to figure out 3d max but this is what i can do with what i know.
  6. MatthewC

    Taxi Signs

    Does anyone know how or a website that tells you the taxi sign names?
  7. MatthewC

    Gmax weird problem

    So when i am in gmax and try to use my images i always get this weird space problem. I tried using the opengl and zblue drivers but i have the same thing happens.
  8. MatthewC

    FS2004 Messes up project

    I created aprons in the gmax fs2004 gamepack and exported to a mdl and loaded it into mdx and everything looked great! But when i tried to place it with the ground polygon wizard i get this This also happens when i export with the fs2002 gamepack too. Any help would be nice:)
  9. MatthewC

    FS2004 How to apply images in Gmax

    I am having trouble apply images i split into 1024x1024 on a single plane. I know the steps to apply the texture but it looks blurry or too big. I tried using just one big image and it works but it blurry and takes time to load.
  10. MatthewC

    Cool program to split a image in seconds

    So i have photoshop cs5 trial that ran out last week and i was looking for a way to split a large image in seconds and came across this site.http://www.softdd.com/splitting-images/splitting-pictures.html Its a trial but it still has all the features. I find this program to be easier than...
  11. MatthewC

    Skagit Regional WIP

    Well i have been working on this project for about a week and i thought i would post some things in the x-plane section since it is barely used.
  12. MatthewC

    FSX Autogen Over Photorealistic tiles

    Ok so i always love flying in fsx with tileproxy or megascenery but i always hate how there are none autogen. So i am create united states autogen starting with Rhode Island.I already have a large area of rhode island done and it looks great and makes fsx more realistic with trees in the right...
  13. MatthewC

    FSX How to creating HD textures

    How do designers create hd ground textures for their airport. I tried sharpening the image with gimp but it just makes the image look really bad.