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  1. HannesSchmid

    FSX [Solved] XML Gauge 'Stop watch' with digital readout problem

    Based on an existing XML gauge I setup the images and the XML code to display the stop watch installed in the real hawker hunter used by the swiss air force. The stop watch looks good and works fine with one exception. To make the stop watch time better readable, I display the elapsed time in a...
  2. HannesSchmid

    Get BGL Type

    I have a good selection of (not to sophisticated) airport sceneries that work fine in FSX. If I port them to P3D v4/5 using the addon.xml methode, the airport sceneries are visible but have some scenery elements missing. I assume the reason is that some BGLs are FS9 BGLs or the textures are...
  3. HannesSchmid

    Reverse Polish Notation

    I would like to learn more abut RPN to write gauges code. Up to now I could not find any document that describes the RPN syntax like what operators and statements are supported and the use of white space (required, possible, forbiden). Is there any such document for FSX or else where can I find...
  4. HannesSchmid

    FSXA Starting FSX Muliplayer Host Automatically

    I am seting up an FSX multiplayer server. Since different wings of our group, that train on different weekdays, need different weather conditions, I would love to be able to start the FSX multiplayer server automatically, each weekday with the required weather. In a forum I found the following...