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  1. CrashGate3

    Trying to rotate normals

    I'm having real trouble trying to stop some rotate-to-user trees I've made being affected by the sun's direction. I've used MDLTweaker II to remove the shadows and rotate them to the user and that works perfectly fine, but even after rotating the normals, the shading still changes as you move...
  2. CrashGate3

    Using multiple UVW channels

    I found out that Gmax is capable of applying multiple UVW channels to an object, as it inherits a lot of its functions from 3DMax. In 3DMax if you want to apply two textures to something (for example a bump and a diffuse) but don't want them to use the same UVW mapping, you can apply one set of...
  3. CrashGate3

    Multiple iterations of an object

    Is there any way to make multiple iterations of an object in the same asm file using the FS2002 gamepack (similar to placing multiple objects using xml with the 2004 gamepack)? At the moment I'm making a series of approach lights, each of which has an FS2002 tweaked groundpoly below it to...
  4. CrashGate3

    PAPI angles

    I'm finally getting to the point where I need to make some PAPIs. The separation planes I'll not have any trouble making, but what are the angles at which the lights change (for example the angle between 4 reds and 3 reds, 1 white)?
  5. CrashGate3

    BGL_Lights disappearing again

    ..but in a different way this time. The previous 'disappearing' problem was that any BGL_LIGHTs I created sometimes were obscured by objects behind them (a drawing order problem) which was fixed by breaking the strips of lights up into sections. The problem I have now is on my runway...
  6. CrashGate3

    CAT and wind headings

    I'm trying to make an animated object that points in one of eight directions (not rotating with the wind, just one of 8 directions) using CAT. I've exported the object 8 times for each direction and am using the secondary condition to show different animations when the wind is between different...
  7. CrashGate3

    LODs vs .asm tweaks

    One of the objects I'm making is a taxiway edge light, which up close is a pole with a BGL_LIGHT on top, but at a distance just the light shows. Whats the best (most frame efficient really) system for making this? Using LODs to make the pole disappear, or tweaking the asm file to have it only...
  8. CrashGate3

    Different types of BGL_LIGHTs

    From my experience with messing about with lights, the BGL_LIGHT effects seem to be much easier and successful than using custom made effects. I've seen LIGHT_NAV and LIGHT_STROBE, but what other types are there? Ideally I need one that is a bright strobe with a frequency of about 1...
  9. CrashGate3

    LIGHT_NAV lights disappear

    I've made some lights using a 'LIGHT_NAV_...' material and tweaked the mdl using MDLTweaker II to make them only show up at night, but the problem is that they flicker between showing normally and 'hiding' behind the object just behind them like this: If you move around they flick between...
  10. CrashGate3

    Arno's Avatar

    That is so not what I expected him to look like...:laughing:
  11. CrashGate3

    Copying coordinates

    Is there any way to quick store and retreive coordinates in Gmax? For eaxmple, I'm tidying up a model and getting rid of unneccesary polygons by welding vertices together. This currently involves using notepad to copy down the coordinates of the vertex I want to keep, welding two vertices...
  12. CrashGate3

    Multiple objects that are hidden and resources

    I've been trying for ages to try and follow tutorials to make myself an animated 3D windsock that turns with the wind and shows different animations according to the wind strength (well, several windsocks with varying animations that only show at a certain wind speed), but I think I'm about...
  13. CrashGate3

    Animation not working

    OK, I now have my animation of a gate in gmax, but I can't get it to play in the sim. The peices are all linked together - they are definitely linked because when I move parts higher up the linm heirarchy, the peices below move too. I've named the peice at the top of the heirarchy (ie, the...
  14. CrashGate3

    Odd rotations

    I'm in the process of making a moving gate, and I've linked all the parts together. The problem is, when I come to rotate the end, it squashes it in one direction like this: How can I stop this happening?
  15. CrashGate3

    Animation length (or speed)

    I've just got my first animation to work in FS - a car travelling along a road. :D The problem is, because the road is a mile or so long, and FS is limited to 1024 frames, the car hurtles along at around 100mph... is there any way of slowing down the animation, or possibly splitting the...
  16. CrashGate3

    UK2000 ground vehicles

    No idea what they're made with, so this can go into 'Other 3D objects' :p Anyway.. Does anyone have any idea how Gary Summons makes his ground vehicles? They not only follow the roads and things (which isn't that hard to do in itelf), but they avoid aircraft they encounter, as well as...
  17. CrashGate3

    Madeira (LPMA) update

    Thought I'd show off a few more updated shots of my ongoing project:
  18. CrashGate3

    Height groundpolys should be

    What height should groundpolys be above ground the ground? I have my ground made up of a mix of 2002 and zbiased 2004 gamepack groundpolys and they show up fine with no shimmer. The only annoying thing is the shadow. If I have them too close to the ground, I get no shadows. If I have them too...
  19. CrashGate3

    Runway Font

    I just had a thought - Is there a font anywhere that represents the numbers etc, displayed on runways?
  20. CrashGate3

    Hold short nodes

    In AFCAD, is there any sneaky way round the problem of hold short nodes having to be a certain distance from the runway? The hold short position for the airport I am making needs to be a fair bit further back than the maximum distance.