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  1. Milton_Shupe

    Resources Size Restrictions

    Are size restrictions for uploading files to Resources posted somewhere? I am trying to upload some large files of gmax source code for all my aircraft projects for FS2004 and FSX native, but I keep running into file size restrictions. Thanks for any guidance.
  2. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA MCX Error Mystery - RESOLVED

    8:46 AM MDLXReader Warning Unsupported RIFF section: (A:A Any idea what this means. Converting FS9 project to FSXA native; all materials, animations, visibility conditions, xml conversion completed. Exports without errors but showing in the sim, I have parts moved around. See...
  3. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Animation for Flag Pivot - RESOLVED

    In FS9, I used this code to rotate the flags to indicate wind direction: <!-- Animated Flag Showing Wind Direction --> <part> <name>flagpivot</name> <animation> <rotation>Z</rotation> <parameter> <code>(A:Ambient wind direction, radians) (A:Plane...
  4. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA xtomdl Treatment of Part Names (RESOLVED)

    In FS9, modeled part names with suffixes ending with _### were treated as one part during the makemdl export/compile. Therefore, I could have Pilot_01, Pilot_02, Pilot_03 and write custom visibility xml code using just "Pilot". In FSX, that does not seem to work; the full name appears to...
  5. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA 2D Switch versus 3D Switch Out of Sync - RESOLVED

    My current project has both 2D panels and 3D panels. On the 2D side, all gauges, switches, lights work great. In the VC, the same functionality exists however I run into out-of-sync issues between like-function switches. Flipping a switch on one side does not set the switch on the other. So, the...
  6. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Gmax Pilot Figure Request

    Hi good people of FSDeveloper land. :) Not sure if a request is allowed in this forum; my apologies if not. I am working on a quick XF-92A project as a favor and I am in need of a pilot figure, actually a head/helmet/oxy mask, of the late 40's and early 50's era. See attached. The plugin is...
  7. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Simple Visibility Code Not Working ... RESOLVED

    This is essentially code from another part in modeldef I applied to two copies of a turret, one animated, one not. (Reason for two is it uses Ambient as the tag.) I would like to see the animated turret kick in after 125 knots. Anyone see a reason why this should not work. I am seeing both...
  8. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA VC Panel and Exterior Window Glass Anomaly

    My active VC panel and gauges viewed in Spot view render the window glass invisible. Is this a z-bias issue with the glass. or how does one resolve it. The vcpanel is active in the exterior model as well as interior model. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Converting FS9 XML to FSXA Help

    I have converted 712 lines of FS9 code but that leaves just a few things I do not have examples for on the FSX native code side: 1) tooltip_text 2) minvalue and maxvalue expressions 3) and unsure of any computational or comparison formats/expressions need to be changed Is there definitive help...
  10. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Poly Normals Gone Astray (RESOLVED)

    I have never experienced this issue in 16 years of modeling but I am converting an aircraft that has "normals" that are not perpendicular to the poly surface. How does one correct this issue?
  11. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Twin Engine Starter Issue (RESOLVED)

    Problem:Beech D18S starter sequence does not work correctly in FSX/P3D Background: Procedure is to select the Master starter, then Engine Start Selector 1 or 2, then the Starter button Symptoms: Engine starter makes some noise but does not turn over. Sometimes if you move the start selector...
  12. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Script for Reset Scales?

    Just curious with all the tools available, has anyone written a script that would reset scales in a hierarchical fashion (as displayed in Trackview). That would certainly be a time-saver on the order of the Select by Material.
  13. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Script for Reset Scales?

    Just curious with all the tools available, has anyone written a script that would reset scales in a hierarchical fashion (as displayed in Trackview). That would certainly be a time-saver on the order of the Select by Material.
  14. Milton_Shupe


    Is there a link around to get a copy of this or must one install the gamepack? I have it; just trying to provide a Youtube requester a source for it.
  15. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Converting FS9 XML to FSX

    I am converting all my FS9 custom XML for use in FSX. Can't seem to find if the following is correct or not: FS9 to FSX conversion of minvalue statement: <minvalue>1</minvalue> <Value Minimum="1"></Value> The value statement shown in the SDK shows both the Minimum= and Maximum=...
  16. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Flickering Mouse Tooltip and Freq Selections

    I have five Lear gauges all of which exhibit this behavior. The xml was built in 2003 for one of my very early projects in FS2004. No flickering occurs in FS2004. Both tooltips and + / - selections have the mouse flickers. I attach a screen of the radios and the code for the NAV1 radio. Not...
  17. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA System.ArgumentOutofRangeException Closed-Unresolved

    This is a pesky little problem that has now cost me a day and a half of work. Background: Converting an FS9 aircraft to FSX native (EDIT: using gmax and FSXA direct export). Finished all the exterior animations, tags, visibilities. Exported fine 5-6 times as tests. Started in the interior...
  18. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Bump and Spec Map Enabled Model Question

    Being a novice at these material options, I have setup models with and without bump and spec maps enabled assuming painters needed this to develop their primary textures. Is there a way to have a bump and spec enabled model with those textures disabled for texture development until the painter...
  19. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA Stuck in the Mud and Can't Get Out ... RESOLVED

    Hello good people :-) Well, I've exhausted every avenue trying to sort out the simplest of visibility problems. Converting my XP-54 pusher prop to FSX Native and cannot get all the prop sets to be visible in FSXA. Only the prop0_still set shows under any engine speed. I have prop0_still, slow...
  20. Milton_Shupe

    FSXA FSXA SDK Installed but ... RESOLVED

    My FSX Gold package SDK was installed with Acceleration some years ago and came with Gmax 1.2 (not yet installed). I use Gmax 1.2 that came with FS9 for FS9 development on my C: drive. FSX and its SDK are installed on my E: drive. If I install the FSXA Gmax 1.2 on the E:drive, can I do that...