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  1. TerryW

    Is W11 run FS2004 ?

    I've been asked this question but as I have W7 I have no idea about 11 & would appreciate your advice......... Thanks. TerryW
  2. TerryW

    Maps for Sbuilder

    I have FS2004 & last year used sbuilder/ade to make some Shetland airports. I'm sure I used http://www.ludowise.x10host.com/gmaps/rhumbamaps.html but today the satellite view area is blank & doesn't fill. Can someone help me with an alternative mapping facility or current options ? Thank...
  3. TerryW

    Converting dds to bmp for FS9.

    I was given 5 objects in x file. I ran them through MCX & they appeared as in 'dds.jpg'. Having converted the dds to bmp via DTX they looked like the 'BMP.jpg' so something's wrong ! I tried 2 in FS9 & they look like those in 'BMP in FS9.jpg'. Without textures they appear white of...
  4. TerryW

    I'm stumped

    I added 3 bgls to a scenery folder in FS2004 & added the textures to the texture folder. A new dat file was made but I got three messages like eg. this one. The scereny cfg has the scenery in it. How do I get rid of these messages ? scenery read error. attempting to open a...
  5. TerryW

    Disappearing railing.

    I'm using this tower at a Barra Airport I recently made - seen here at Inverness. The original texture showed a red drainpipe. I used Paint to change it to a grey colour to match the walls. I then ran it through DTXBmp & saved it as Extended 255 colour. The railings are no longer see-through...
  6. TerryW

    "FSUIPC is not running" question

    I am using Ade 1.70 for my fs9 & use the connect option. It's always worked but this morning I suddenly get a message: FSUIPC is not running. The FSUIPC version installed is File version & modified 27.07.2009 23.32. I'd be grateful if someone will tell me how to rectify this error...
  7. TerryW

    Navaid ?

    I've been showing a friend how to make his own airfields & how Ade works. This is in Vista. In jpg.1 I've added ILS. In 2 is a view of the default EGET Tingwall. 3 is our airport so far. I've marked in red where the item seen in 4 appears. I checked with ADE again for navaids but none appear...
  8. TerryW

    ADE for FS2004 ?

    I cannot find the download area for the above.......I want to install ADE9 or the latest version but from where? Thank you.......! TerryW
  9. TerryW

    VTP2 button problem

    I'm using a new sbuilder to me - the sb205. I've used sbuilder FS9 many times before, btw. I've added the poly background. I clicked the VTP2 button but the contents are greyed out so I can't tick Assembled & the empty bar to get to 1183 Grass................I'm stumped unless someone can tell...
  10. TerryW

    REIL lights not showing.

    I added REIL lights to both ends of my Normandy runway with ADE9 v170 - along with PAPI that do show. The REIL lights show on the Night View, but not in runway use at night - see screenshots. Have I done something wrong ? :rolleyes:
  11. TerryW

    FS2004 SBuilder map problem

    I have SBuilderFS9 & this map link: http://www.ludowise.x10host.com/gmaps/rhumbamaps.html I loaded this view in BMP but get a message that maps cannot be displayed & map view will be turned off. I'd be grateful for some guidance ! SBuilder has done sterling work until now & I'm...
  12. TerryW

    FS2004 Airfield Ident

    I was going to to make Wallbake TQPF on Anquilla but adex9 tells me I can't as that ident already exists with the default airfield. I'm unsure how to proceed & would be grateful if someone would tell what I'm doing improperly..............................
  13. TerryW

    Saving jpg to bmp

    I have a FS9 spring tree texture I want to make less bright. I can make a jpg for editing - making it less bright with photo gallery. What settings do I use when saving it as a bmp?
  14. TerryW

    Texture location

    Apologies if this isn't the correct forum. Where in FS2004 is the texture for this chapel/church kept ? I have looked in Generic's texture folder but cannot see it. Thanks.
  15. TerryW

    Texture location ?

    I'm using a ukvfrhousing object, the AG_3_house1. The texture is too bright. I'm having trouble locating the texture in the UKVFRLibrary texture folder. I removed all the textures from the folder intending to return them 1 by 1 until I found the one I want. BUT the object still appears with...
  16. TerryW

    Convert skp to fs9 bgl

    I have a friend with a skp file of a WW2 hut he wants to put in FS9. I'd be grateful for advice for what software he'll need to do this. I know of modelconverterx but what else does he need to get ? Thanks. Terry Wallis
  17. TerryW

    FS2004 Scenery Objects Editor button ?

    I want to remove the huge churches seen in FS2004 - object number 168 in the generic.bgl file -FS9/Scenery/Generic/scenery folder. I have it via modelconverterX 1.3.0 & have been advised to remoive it I must click on the Scenery Objects Editor button just to the right of the green arrows. The...
  18. TerryW

    FS2004 Sound options ?

    In the sound settings there's a tick box for Environment & I'd very much like to know what sound is controlled here ? Thanks.
  19. TerryW

    FS9 grass textures locations ?

    I'd be grateful if someone will tell where the grass textures that produce the grass we see as we fly about are kept. I want to make my FS2004 as green as my FSGW3 is. I put the detail1.bmp from GW3 into FS9 & it makes a great improcement. TerryW
  20. TerryW

    No show papi

    I've been successfully adding Papi lights to a few FS2004 runways using Afcad but have one airfield who's lights refuse to show. The airfield is EGHA, Compton Abbas. I've added papi2 to the left of both 08 & 26 but neither shows. Can anyone suggest reasons why not? I'm adding a screenshot...