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  1. ALain152

    MSFS Does simconnect sdk actually works ?

    Hi, trying to compile an FSX utility for MSFS, a friend faces this issue: From my side it looks like the external functions are described well in the simconnect.h but not found in the simconnect.lib Is it possible that simconnect sdk is bugged that way or is there a trick I can tell him ...
  2. ALain152

    MCX Batch broken ?

    Hi Arno, I tried this afternoon to convert an old FSX lib into a p3d one using the batch process in order to assign new guids like I 've done often. With yesterday's revision of MCX, the process seems not to be executed like it used to be. Is there a problem with the revision or you changed the...
  3. ALain152

    MSFS Bundled airports

    Hi, i was wondering if the asobo project/package system allows to create 1 product/package including several airports/projects. I can't figure out how to proceed. Do you have some advice ? Thanks
  4. ALain152

    P3Dv5 Dynamic spotlights issue

    Hi dyn lights gurus, trying to install an airfield to P3DV5, I face a strange issue. The dynamic spotlights works well on all 3D and GP but resampled background is "burn". Here is the result: Of course same files in V4 works well. I don't know if the bug is on LM side or if do not handle...
  5. ALain152

    P3D v4 From P3Dv4 to FSX

    Hi, is it possible to convert a p3dv4 .ad4 project into FSX one, of course loosing specific properties ? FSX-ADE can't open ad4 projects If yes, how ? Thanks
  6. ALain152

    FSX Un-smooth model

    Hi, I get an entire lib with all model's faces smoothed by error. Is there a way to bulk un-smooth / de-smooth the models using MCX or do i have to fix each and every model with Gmax/3Dmax ? Best wishes to all
  7. ALain152

    MCX and contact points

    Hi Arno, I have an issue with contact points calculation: Here are an aircraft.cfg contact points [contact_points] point.0 = 1, 0.90, 0.00, -4.09, 1500, 0, 0.5, 22.0, 0.25,2.5, 0.7, 0.0, 0.0, 0 point.1 = 1, -4.70, -4.50, -4.01, 3500, 1, 0.5, 0.0, 0.3, 2.5, 0.7, 0.0, 0.0, 2 point.2 = 1, -4.70...
  8. ALain152

    P3D v4 Effect parameters

    Hi guys, I get a strange behavior with parameters and p3DV4. In order to test I finally attached a simple light effect with a simple parameter e.g. DUSK=1;DAWN=0. As a result the effect plays at dusk AND dawn ! o_O Effect was added using latest release of MCX and compiled in V4 Could anybody...
  9. ALain152

    FSX Bgl2xml : fs9 or fsx ?

    Hi Jon, I get many object placement files compiled in fsx using Instant scenery. When trying to decompile with latest release of bgl2xml, sometimes (often) file is detected as FS9 compiled bgl, sometimes as FSX compiled. I coundn't figure out why, nor if there is a workaround to have my bgl read...
  10. ALain152

    FSX Material template

    Hi, I made a custom material template to disable spécular options. It just includes: NoBaseMaterialSpecular True SpecularColor Color[A=255,R=0,G=0,B=0] NoSpecularBloom True When applied in batch convert, only the 'NoBaseMaterialSpecular' is set, the others remain...
  11. ALain152

    FSX batch lib converting

    Hi, I tried to batch convert some libs. All is ok except the lib name is reset to the first enclosed MDL name. This seems strange as a default behavior. Is it a bad setup of my install or a bug in mcx ? Thanks
  12. ALain152

    templates and batch

  13. ALain152

    Modifying default material

    Hi Arno, I wonder if it is possible to add a default material template, or modify or add some items in existing ones ? For exemple, I would like the "set default opaque" to force shadow tag to true (or false). Thank you
  14. ALain152

    FSX Batch adding of night textures

    Dear Arno, I get DAEs with day jpg textures. I batch convert to MDLX using options "add night texture" and "convert textures" (to dds for instance) As a result I get my jpg textures converted as requested (dds) But resulting MDL materials call a good dds day texture and a bad jpg night one...
  15. ALain152

    Is it a bug ?

    Hi, I just used batch process to convert DAEs into mdl. Selecting and setting the convert texture option to bmp, I can't have texture converted in output folder and the fsx mdl created always points an original .jpg texture. Did I miss something ? Thanks
  16. ALain152

    FSX Terrain properties

    Hi, I' searching for a while but can't find any way out. So I wonder: does anybody knows if it is possible in fsx to modify terrain properties in order to have an ultralight ou small plane wheeling without all that dust ? Just as if we were on concrete. If so, how of course ? :) Thanks
  17. ALain152


    Hi, I havn't found yet what is the "performance indicator render mode" I'm a bit curious :confused:
  18. ALain152

    New improvement

    Hi, sometimes I get an old mdl and I wonder : is it "drawcall batching" coded ? Shouldn't it be an idea to add this information in the properties window ? Thank you
  19. ALain152

    How much vertices ?

    Hi, I get an error exporting a dae to fsx bgl. 9:25 AM XtoMDL Information error : Vertex list has too many vertices (92732), max allowed: 65535 but object information says LOD-100 Drawcalls-1 Triangles-37347 Texture vertices-64995 So how are calculated the vertices by XtoMDL ? Thanks
  20. ALain152

    FSX Gmax hanged

    Hi, I got a strange issue when I run my Gmax. Any action results in Gmax hanging But I can't find any Colctble.cpp file on my disks ??? Did anyone ever faced this issue ? Or any idea appreciated :confused: