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    Departures None-Arrivals Great!

    Good Day, I have used AIFP- to create ai flight plans for MSFS. I have also made sure that the Airport can handle the traffic by using the tools in the program's traffic analyzer. All is well in the report for this project. My issue seems to be only with the aircraft departures. All of...
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    MSFS How to Fix This!

    Good Day, Iam am running the latest version of ADE with all the HFs in place. When i try to updat the Library Objectr using the tool update option. I get the can't find base file error shown in the attached snip. If i click ok to close the message box, i then get an update complete message. The...
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    MSFS How to Get MSFS Navs to show in ADE?

    Good Day Jon, is there a way to get MSFS Navs to show in ADE as they are in MSFS? When editing a stock or custom airport in ADE i find that those are missing fromn the editor so i can not see them when working on the stock or custon airport. Thanks in adcane for any help and or suggestions of...
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    MSFS Sids?

    Good Afternoon, I know that STARs can be crested with ADE. I am wondering if the same holds true for SIDs. Be nice if that was indeed possible. If not, are there any recommendation of a software that can. Many thanks. Gelomare
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    MSFS What is This!

    Jon, after working in ADE yesterday. I started today with this error message. On Yesterday the program did everything correctly. Then this today. Any suggestions. Thanks for any and all help! I am using the latest version-- Application 20.22.8157.21232 Engine 20.00.8096.28162 Gelomare
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    MSFS Merged Model with Footprint!

    Arno, maybe you can assist me with this. I was able to generate a footprint for a model that did not have one and got it to show up in ADE. So the merger went well in that regard. My issue is that the textures assigned to the model will not show in the sim. I have checked to ensure that all the...
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    MSFS No Foot Print!

    Jon, I am updating terminals for my project and have been able to update all except one. The others are already in the project and are just as should be. The one in question generates but i cannot seem to get the detailed footprint for the model. I am attaching a folder with the files needed to...
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    MSFS Does creating an ILS Approach still work in ADE21 H4?

    I am doing an upgrade to my project. The previous version had all runways programmed with ILS approaches. Not sure why my will not show the approaches. I created the upgraded (new) project from the XML option using the previous version Airport XML file. For some reason ADE did not port the...
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    MSFS Which Works better?

    Hello, I am just wondering. Can AIM Ai Simobjects be used with AIFP? Also do IVAO work better?
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    Parking and Radius Issue

    Don, I am experiencing an issue with Parking and Radius when using AIFP. My project is custom made and works well in the sim with the exception of AI and having parking issues. As i try to determine the cause. I noticed that AIFP give me an error message that says that the aircraft used in the...
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    MSFS Are We any Closer?

    Jon, I had up until today working ILSs in my project. I did a rebuild of the project and now no ILs nor can i get the project to show in the MSFS database as was the case before today. I checked the xml files and the data is still there as was before. Any ideas and are we getting nay closer to...
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    MSFS Night lit Polygons?

    Jon, I want to add night polygons as aprons to my project. Is it available in ADE Yet? I read the online help, but could not find all the pieces in the program itself..(ie Change Landslass). Thanks Gelomare
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    MSFS ADE 20 Gets Better All the time

    Jon, i was searching for a way to add lighting to my project. First time thinking about lights and much to my surprise. ADE does a pretty decent job with the LOM lights. Just keep finding things that this great program does. Just a Shout to You for this awesome program. Thanks a million! Gelomare
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    MSFS Help Anyone!!

    I am trying to put light on my terminals and other building models in my project. Below are three snips that shows my progress in getting the day and night textures to show on the models How, when i export the file and build the project again. The terminals are still dark in the sim. It would...
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    Help Needed!

    I having a problem getting flights to appear in the latest version of AIFP.(3. 4. 313) I was able to create flight plans and had no problem doing so. I was able to compile the flight plans without issue. I was able to mount the flight plans into the community folder of FS2020 without issue. Now...
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    MSFS MSFS Traffic Exclusion??

    Jon, does ADE20 have an exclusion or do you know of any way to remove the MSFS auto...etc traffic from a scenery project? I am working on a project and would like to have the cars and trucks...etc removed from the underling scenery. Doings so would take care a highways running through runways...
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    MSFS Win11 Pro Preview

    Jon, Just sharing that ADE Alpha-20 is working quite well for me using the Win 11-Pro Beta Version. I was able to open my current project without issue, was able to build project without issue and am now in a flight. All without issues. I will report in to this forum as I further explore this...
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    MSFS How To??

    Jon, just trying out A20. As you can see from the snip attached. My models are still in the project. They are just displaced. Is there a way to reposition them to their correct positions without having to delete them and then reinstall them? I seem to remember there was such a process a few...
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    MSFS Error Code 1

    Good Day, when building a package. i get the following error code. Any Suggestions of how to resolve it. Many thanks. Gelomare
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    MSFS Overjoyed!

    Jon, I have been trying for the last few weeks to get the runways from my project to show up in the nav-database of MSFS.. I had no problem creating them in ADE. Well, there is this great feature called Approach Creator that is a part of ADE. I was able to within twenty minutes get my runways...