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    MSFS Prop texture in c152

    You have the wrong object. You'r applying the texture to the "frost" version of the prop. :) (prop_spinner_static_frost)
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    MSFS A small airstrip in Jamaica

    Looks amazing!
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    Air Force T-6 file

    What is you goal with it? Freeware?
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    MSFS MSFS Glass material (Blender)

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    MSFS MSFS Glass material (Blender)

    Dont mind the terrible UVs, just a quick and dirty example.
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    MSFS MSFS Glass material (Blender)

    What do you use for texturing? I use Substance. I spent weeks trying to find a good setup for glass, as i hated the Glass Material from msfs. What i do i these steps: -In SP, import your glass object, bake the maps as usual -Then add an Opacity channel to the object -1 Fill layer, on Color and...
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

    Good luck on this adventure :)
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

    Is it payware or freeware?
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

    friend, this looks GOOD!
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    MSFS Discus-2b Glider (Developement Thread)

    that looks good this!
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    CFG Files

    I use Blender. You' r in for a wild ride then :) you should give it a go, and before anything else, i would look up Blender tutorials, get comfy with its UI, and practice modelling simple stuff. I encourage you to go for it, BUT, just a heads up, depending on the airplane and level of detail...
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    CFG Files

    Ok, then study the file structure of the Simple Aircraft. BUT, first you need a 3D model. Did you model your aircraft in a 3D software (Blender, 3DSmax, etc.)
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    CFG Files

    Do you want to create an aircraft from scratch or just edit an existing one?
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    MSFS Comp Maps Workflow; Not too difficult

    How would you know? Hmmm, by looking at the results and comparing it to real references maybe :D But what you said is very TRUE. I guess i was just asking from a productivity standpoint. And i agree also that modeling and texturing is great fun (even if hours and hours of it can make you flirt...
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    MSFS Aircraft creation pipeline

    Have a look at the file structure of the samples in the SDK doc. Study it. Then have a look at the folders of default aircrafts. Just by looking at how stuff is packed together can be very useful. Then, i guess the workflow is about the same as any other game. 3D model, texture, config files...
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    MSFS Ambient Occlusion Baking in Blender for MSFS

    Yea, the closest match would indeed be EEVEEs render engine.
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    MSFS Comp Maps Workflow; Not too difficult

    Nice guide! But sinnce you have Substance, why not just use that only? Its pretty good at compiling all the maps for you, and with the Vitus presest its a breeze!
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    Smoke from Blender to MSFS

    nah, MSFS is very specific about what it can import from blender. So im guessing you'r not going anywhere (except maybe with textures, transparency, animations, but good luck with that :) )
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    MSFS Modeling a TV Screen with changing image slides

    What about having the slides superposed on top of each other, and having them appear and disapear via keyframes on "opacity" or anything that can make visible/invisible? (not in front of PC so cant really have a look)