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  1. scruffyduck

    Don Grovestine [Gadgets] Passed Away

    Most of you will know of Don and his brilliant software. We have known for a while that Don was running out of time and it finally did on August 3rd. Personally I will miss him greatly first as a friend and second as a software developer creating programs to enhance the simulator experience...
  2. scruffyduck

    MSFS Moving Steam Content Folder

    I have somehow messed up my Steam MSFS installation and got a re-install without realizing it had changed my content folder. This is on my C drive and I want to get it back where it belongs. The original content folder with the content prior to the re-install still exists in the right place...
  3. scruffyduck

    PicRights Image Copyright Infringements

    I am writing this post since today I received an infringement notice from a company called PicRights. Ostensibly they are retained by image libraries and others such as Reuters and PA Images to track down use of copyright images without permission or a license to use the image. It seems they...
  4. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 HF5

    This is a quick and dirty fix to reflect the change in location for stock airports in SU9 https://www.mediafire.com/file/ry2vhavg5gk021h/ade_2020_alpha_21-HF5.zip/file Make backup copies of the four current files in your ADE main folder and replace them with the files from the zip Run ADE...
  5. scruffyduck

    P3D v5.0 SDK

    I am looking for the SDK for the v5.0 version of P3D. I have cleared out rather too well and lost the installer for that version which I would like to have as a baseline for XML schema changes. SDKs are free to download so I don't think there is any problem with sharing this. Thanks in advance
  6. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 HotFix 4

    This is a cumulative fix which can be applied to existing Alpha 21 Installations. Do not use it with any earlier alpha versions. If you are using an ADE 2020 version earlier than Alpha 21 or wish to try out the application then first install the base Alpha 21 which can be downloaded from here...
  7. scruffyduck

    ILS Localizer heading

    There are a number of threads and posts here about the difference between stock localizer heading and the associated runway heading. I have just come across this while adding ILS support to ADE. I have confirmed with Asobo that the runway heading is true (as it always has been) but the...
  8. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 HotFix 3

    This is a cumulative patch for ADE 2020 Alpha 21 and should only be used to patch that version. Updated Removed surface attribute from painted lines due to issues with SU6 Changed decompiler for Bgl to that created by Patrick Germain Handling of Open Read Only Files. Project Properties...
  9. scruffyduck

    Changes in Airports from SU6 > SU7

    I have run a quick analysis of Asobos latest changes to the stock file list. I was interested in the announcement of 545(?) new airports in SU7. I can't find them Between SU6 and SU7 The number of name records has increased from 38,024 to 38,288 but that hides 510 airports added, 246...
  10. scruffyduck

    SDK 0.16.0 Schema

    There appears to be one change in the xsd schema between 0.16.0 and 0.15.0
  11. scruffyduck

    New fspackagetool commands SDK 0.16.0

    I tested the first of these (outputtoseparateconsole but I did not see anything different to running without that command. Can anyone shed any light on it please?
  12. scruffyduck

    MSFS SDK Package Tool 0.16.0 fspackagetool

    The problem with a missing console window seems to have been fixed. My reservation is that the first time I used it with the MS edition I got the sim opening as well as the dialog I closed it and the next time I ran a build the console dialog opened but the sim did not. Using Steam it...
  13. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 HotFix 2

    This is a mandatory update which fixes compiler errors for parking spot names. It is a cumulative patch including HF1 Information on applying patches is here: http://scruffyduck.org.uk/ade_2020_help/Process1.html The patch can be downloaded here...
  14. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 HotFix 1

    This hotfix primarily updates the decompiler used when creating projects from stock airports of MSFS Bgl Files to deal with some issues including coordinate precision and taxi sign attributes. This does not retrospectively correct existing projects created from stock airports or MSFS bgl files...
  15. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 Released

    Alpha 21 is primarily a version in which the bgl decompiler has been changed. Many thanks to Patrick Germain for his input and tools. There are several other small changes but the request to test is that ADE decompiles MSFS stock and bgl files correctly and that two way editing works Changes...
  16. scruffyduck

    ADE Now Free for Personal and Commercial Use

    As promised in my last post ADE is now free for personal and commercial use subject to my terms and conditions which are available on request A public key for the Prokey is shown below. You will need to enter this once the 15 day evaluation period is over. The ProKey can be downloaded from...
  17. scruffyduck

    MSFS SU6 Bgl Format Changes

    SU6 has changed the format and attributes of aprons, parking spots and approaches. Asobo has recompiled all the stock airports (as far as I can tell) to reflect the updated format. As a result ADE will not show aprons when loading a MSFS stock airport. The decompiler needs up dating. Patrick...
  18. scruffyduck

    MSFS SDK 15.0.0 fspackagetool

    I think I saw a post about this but I can't find it. Updated to the latest MSFS and latest SDK 15.0.0 Now I find that calling Build in ADE 2020 does not show the console window. The build seems to take place - just no console window. I checked the latest documentation and there...
  19. scruffyduck

    Forum Language Reminder

    This is a reminder that this is an English Only forum as per our rules which all members agree to when signing up "The language of communication in this community is English, so please talk in English on the forum. To make it possible to other users to address you, we ask you to select a...
  20. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 20 HotFix 3 Released

    This is a small patch to update Alpha 20 with the new Help handling system. Please be kind enough to install this and ensure that you can get to the on-line and local help. The on-line help is the primary method of delivering ADE 2020 help and will be continually updated as things change This...