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    FSXA Introducing WhiskeyJet Simulations Fun Jet Series CS300

    That looks brilliant. A welcome addition!
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    FSXA Dash 8 100/300

    Those repaints for that model are brilliant. Did you do your own paintkit for that?
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    FSXA BN2A MKIII Trislander

    Oh wow, I can't wait for this!
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    FSXA Sikorsky S76

    Looking excellent fella. Now....if only we had a Sikorsky S-92 for FSX....:D
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    FSX Lee On Solent (HMS Daedalus)

    It's not available yet I'm afraid.
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    FSXA Rockwell Commander 685 to Turbo Commander 690 conversion

    Looking top notch fella. Always had a soft spot for the old Rockwell Commander 690.
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    FSX EDBC Magdeburg-Cochstedt WIP

    Nothing wrong with that static model Volcker, looks very smart.
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    FSX GMAX Ground Poly's Changing Position

    I've since discovered the issue is actually the result of a single section of the layer.
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    FSX GMAX Ground Poly's Changing Position

    Hi folks, First post in quite some time. Have been plodding away on my current project, but over the past week have encountered a problem I've not been able to resolve. Using the 2002 Gamepack for the ground polys; never had an issue until now. I've been re-exporting each layer after making...
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    FSX EDBC Magdeburg-Cochstedt WIP

    Fantastic work fella, I love your texture work.
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    P3D v2 Alouette 3

    That looks absolutely fantastic. Look forward to using this with AI Carriers.
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    P3D v2 Alouette 3

    Thanks for that. Exactly what i was looking for!
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    P3D v2 Alouette 3

    That's some impressive work! If I could find a decent set of plans for some Navy ships, I'd give one a go.
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    New to creating Scenery for FSX

    As Shaun said; plenty of tutorials here and indeed many other sites. A good one to start with; http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=Introduction_to_modeling_with_GMax
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    P3D v2 Alouette 3

    Looks stunning. Fantastic work!
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    29Palms - Customizable Scenery Configurator - Freeware

    Some impressive models there Lars, particularly like the Transit :D
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    FS2004 EDAH - Heringsdorf Regional Airport

    Well deserved, you've produced some truly fantastic scenery here.
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    FSX Kerry Airport EIKY

    Looking good fella. Wish I had the enthusiasm to produce scenery as quickly as you!
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    FSXA KPNS Pensacola International Airport

    Looking good Shaun.
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    P3D v2 Project Dornier Do24

    Looks absolutely stunning fella.