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  1. J

    Origional AFCAD Vs. New AFCAD

    With SBuilder 2.05 (for FS9) you can add new taxiway signs. And with the FSUIPC installed, you can see the position of the aircraft, to put the sings where exactly you want them.
  2. J

    Aprons Lighting

    I Have tried effects and old FS9 BGL_light and nothing seems to work in FSX SP2. Anyone have the secret?
  3. J

    Landclass program that works with Vista???

    Were you seen that? I use Sbuilder 2.05 and SbuilderX on my Windows Vista without any kind of problem! And for me, it´s the best program that you can use for landclass and for other things.
  4. J

    A real modelling/painting tool

    I know what you mean...unfortunatly!:banghead:
  5. J

    i can't get mission creation tool

    I´m in the same situation. After the instalation of fsx_SP1, the menu desapeared. I have FSUIPC and Autothumbnail working but no object placement menu...:confused: I tried all but with no luck.:mad: Edited: Ok, solved. Working now!
  6. J

    MODS please read, PM from turing.

    One more...
  7. J

    Exclusion polygons

    Are you sure about that? I know that my english is very poor, but it´s not what i understand here: Note that if excludeAllObjects is set to true all scenery objects will be excluded, whether specifically placed or created by Autogen. (in the bgl compiler.html/FSX SDK) José Maia
  8. J

    Exclusion polygons

    Or try a .xml style exclusion, compiled with BGLComp, using excludeAllObjects = "TRUE" José Maia
  9. J


    Your .bln file must look like this: 13,0 6.0649221828836,62.1763859205966,75.0 6.06924370049533,62.177179854465,75.0 6.07376060587143,62.1781347208743,75.0 6.07436975596032,62.1775285416369,75.0 6.07135848570959,62.176997464252,75.0 6.06919772690372,62.1765522175555,75.0...
  10. J

    Flatten and Autogen Exclude in FSX

    The tool is here: http://forum.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=56379&start=15 In the second page of the thread. Sory but it´s in Portuguese. José Oliveira is the best person to explain how ir works...my english is very poor. In Theory, is possible to export .bln files with SBuilder and...
  11. J

    Exclude for FS X

    And for the default FSX VTP lines (shorelines, roads, etc.), anyone know how to exclude them?
  12. J

    Flatten and Autogen Exclude in FSX

    I only work with SBuilder. The tool of José Oliveira is a small utility that can create shape files for flattens, excludes and water polygons. For the excludes I think that the better approach is using the .xml style commands.
  13. J

    Flatten and Autogen Exclude in FSX

    I found if I create an VTP poly with a grass texture for a airfield boundary this also works as an exclude for the autogen in the FSX. My LWM flatten polys does not work in FSX. For the flattens I created a Shape file with a small utility provided by José Oliveira and then with Shp2vec created a...
  14. J

    Export problem

    Hi! Go to Select by name option and choose Box1. Delete this box (the box is hidden, don´t have faces, and you only can see the vertex) and export again:cool: Regards, José Maia PS: Sorry for my bad english...
  15. J


    The PandaSoft Exporter is only for 3d Studio Max 8? Or it works fine in Gmax? Regards, José Maia
  16. J

    Repairing corrupt gMax files?

    In my case, the problem is when I click open to merge the object, the popup window with the list of objects does not open. :banghead: :scratchch José Maia
  17. J

    Repairing corrupt gMax files?

    Hi! I have the same problem with one very detailed gmax model and now I can´t open the file, even with the option merge... :mad: :banghead: Regards José Maia
  18. J

    Scale animation

    Well, I suspected that! :( However, thank you for your answer! José Maia
  19. J

    Scale animation

    Hi! Is there any way to make scale animations in Gmax? :confused: The position and rotation animations that I´m doing it´s ok, but the scale animations don´t work on FS. :banghead: Jose Maia PS: sorry for my bad english