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    FS2004 Custom Light lighting up in fog (Aerosoft did it...)

    Im sure it works in Fs9 aswell as after all it is just a effect file which fs9 uses aswell im not really sure about how to implement this in fs9 as i dont use it anymore..but for fsx you would change the parameters for the effect when attaching it to the box inside of gmax/3ds max which ever one...
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    FS2004 Custom Light lighting up in fog (Aerosoft did it...)

    You could still use the same method to produce a light for the approach lights if im not mistaken :)
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    FS2004 Custom Light lighting up in fog (Aerosoft did it...)

    Hello :) You might want to take a look at this it might be of some assistance to you http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/new-way-to-make-light-splash.273813/page-6#post-674950 Regards Stew
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    FSX Skysoft Simulation Lijiang Sanyi International Airport

    Absolutely astonishing work!
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    Which Wacom tablet you recommend?

    i just received my Wacom Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet Medium Today and i must say after playing around with it for a while its a very usefull little tablet and not to badly priced either i bought it here in South Africa for about $169.644 or R1800(local currency) i definitely see myself...
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    P3D v1 Specular and Bump maps added drawcalls?

    Hi there Shaun Thanks for this will give it a try and see how it comes out Hey Arno Thanks for this so a diffuse texture with a bump map and specular on a single buildings is one drawcall ? just making sure i understand this correctly :P Hey Anthony im going to be adding a config...
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    P3D v1 Specular and Bump maps added drawcalls?

    Hey guys :) does having Specular and bump maps on your buildings add a extra drawcall to the building during render time in fs? say for example you have 10 buildings each with there own texture...now if you include a bump and specular map for each building that makes 30 textures all together...
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    FSX LFJL - Metz Nancy Lorraine

    I agree with you on that one even with most larger airports on the market there is 3D grass its kind of become a necessary element in today's scenery's as like Thomas said it adds a new "Layer" of realism to the airport looking good Thomas keep up the excellent work! :)
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    FSXA New way of making the Taxi Lights.

    Hi there :) i used the following method for my custom approach lights for my airport im developing this light shows only in the evening : Step 1 i created a dummy texture (FAOR_Dum.dds) which is just a pure black texture which is 32X32 in size Step 2 i applied the dummy texture to the...
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    why not just make one? :) its real easy
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    FSXA Problem with Custom trees

    no problem man :) Regards Stew
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    FSXA Problem with Custom trees

    No problem :) then just make sure when u saved your DDS file you saved it as a DXT3 or DXT5 then that should solve your problem :) Regards Stew
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    FSXA Problem with Custom trees

    Hello there Firstly the reason why u get your error in Model converter X is because your texture is not to the power of two which is required by Flight sim Ie 512x512 1024x1024 2048x2048 so try re-sizing your texture to one of these sizes the reason also why your tree is black like in this pic...
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    FSXA Fully Native FSX/P3D VGDS?

    as far as i know there is a way to get it into Fsx without the use of simconnect you create it for FS2004 then use a XML file to place in the fsx but im not to sure although i feel if it could be created for Fsx/P3D Nativley you could have alot more control and Flexibility as well as be able to...
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    FSXA Fully Native FSX/P3D VGDS?

    Visual Guidance Docking System
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    FSXA Fully Native FSX/P3D VGDS?

    Wow okay that's way out of my knowledge zone :) iv only just started learning C and i don't think il be able to manage that :Dthanks anyway :) Regards Stew
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    FSXA Fully Native FSX/P3D VGDS?

    Hi there arno :) thanks for the reply how would one go about using simconnect to place the VGDS? Regards Stew
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    FSXA Fully Native FSX/P3D VGDS?

    Hey there guys i was wondering is it possible to make a fully Fsx/P3D native VGDS system? i would like to create one for my upcoming scenery and i don't really get the Wiki tutorial on it. also the tutorial in the WIKI only describes how to make it for Fs2004. Thanks guys for the help Regards...
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    MSFS Saab MFI-17 "Mushshak (The proficient)"

    I must say that plane looks fantastic and looks even better in P3D V2.2 keep up the Excellent work! :)
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    P3D v2 Dual Installations of 3ds max P3D SDK?

    thank you :) regards Stew