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    P3D v1 Specular and Bump maps added drawcalls?

    Hey guys :) does having Specular and bump maps on your buildings add a extra drawcall to the building during render time in fs? say for example you have 10 buildings each with there own texture...now if you include a bump and specular map for each building that makes 30 textures all together...
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    FSXA Fully Native FSX/P3D VGDS?

    Hey there guys i was wondering is it possible to make a fully Fsx/P3D native VGDS system? i would like to create one for my upcoming scenery and i don't really get the Wiki tutorial on it. also the tutorial in the WIKI only describes how to make it for Fs2004. Thanks guys for the help Regards...
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    P3D v2 Dual Installations of 3ds max P3D SDK?

    Hey guys :) i was wondering do we need to have 2 separate installs of the 3ds max P3D SDK as V1.4 SDK and V2 SDK are separate as far as im aware P3D V1.4 compiled models are not compatible in V2 so would we need to install the P3D v1.4 and v2 SDK separately so we can export the models to V1.4...
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    Animation on doors using Nav frequencies?

    Hey guys i just wanted to know would it be possible to animate doors/gates so that when a user enters a specific frequency in the Nav radio and specific door will open and if he was to enter another frequency another door would open and so on? i am aware that it can be done with a single door...
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    P3D v2 3ds max export memory error

    Hey there guys iv made a large carpark around 4K polys and 4 textures and i try to export the model from 3ds max 9 using the P3D SDK and it gets to around 88% every time and then give me the error message ''The application has run out of memory would you like to save a copy of your current...
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    FSXA Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport

    Hello there everyone :) i would like to introduce you to a airport iv been working on know for about 1 month the airport name is Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport ICAO FMCZ located in dzaoudzi , mayotte on the southern tip of the island of Petite (or Pamanzi), located east of...
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    FSXA Seasonal terrian?

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    FSXA Global environment map issues

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    FSXA how to make sloped faces?

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    FSXA Moving cars on a curved road?

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    FSXA Is there a way to get ur ADE file under the photoscenery?

    Hey guys *sorry for the post here but i didn't know where to put it does any one know how to get your photoscenery to show above your ADE file so you can use the different color variations in the photoscenery to show on your texture by using a alpha channel instead of making all the...
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    FSXA 3ds max 9 P3D SDK papi lights

    Hey guys i would like to know has any of you succeeded in creating papi light with 3ds max + P3D sdk i have the mdl but i have no idea how to get the two ASM files for tweaking please any help is appreciated :)
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    FSXA Mohéli Bandar Es Eslam Airport

    Hey guys :) After much time i have finally decided to finish the airport the airport is about 75% done just need to redo photoscenery (day and night) add mesh and fix land class,finish texturing the terminal :) please let me nw what you think the ground poly will be improved at a later...
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    3ds max static aircraft designer

    Hey guys :) Im looking to recruit someone who is willing to make some very nice static aircraft for a payware scenery project thanks guys
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    FSXA Voulumetric shadows?

    Hey Guys :) can someone please give me a link to a tutorial on where i can learn how to make voulumetric shadows and also can someone please explain the diffrence between AO maps and texture baking? thanksn guys :)
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    FSXA Field fires?

    Hey Guys i was thinking today :rolleyes: while taking a look at orbx Yellowstone with there field fires i came to logic if you where for example to place a small box in a field with a alpha channel on all sides which will make it 100% invisible then you where for example to attach a effect to...
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    FSXA scenery configuration manager?

    Hey guys iv seen alot of scenerys now days that have some sort of a scenery configuration manager that allows you to adjust the scenery so that you get excellent frames on your pc does anyone know you would add this to your scenery and how it actually works? thanks guys
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    FSXA How to get accurate coastline?

    hey guys i have downloaded very accurate .shp files for the coastline of my country and i was wondering does anybody know of any way that i can get rid of the old coastline and get the coastline to follow 100% with the shape files another problem im having is that water accoures behind the...
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    FSXA airport in africa ;)

    hey guys a really need ur thoughts on this me and a couple of friends are working on a project tell me what you think this is still a very big WIP :):D
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    FSXA bundles of hay?

    hey guys do you guys now of any addon libarys for fsx that i can use to add bundles of hay in the field wher my airport is located im pretty sure that there was in airport design editor but im nt sure what its name is thanks guys :)