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  1. gayanll

    P3D v4 Plateau Issue with Custom mesh

    So im making a scenery for this small airport and i created a custom mesh too. In default p3d airport elevation is 300m, but in real life its 192m. i corrected that in ADE and added an Exclusion polygon in ADE too when i load airport WITHOUT custom mesh file all okey, with airport altitude is...
  2. gayanll

    P3D v4 Invisible in MCX

    So i modeled a rock in 3DSMAX, its hollow inside then exported as X file. there are 3 separate objects in 3dsmax file (not atached to each other) But when imported to MCX, only part of the object is visible. Any idea whats wrong? I have attached screenshots from 3ds MAX and MCX view. there...
  3. gayanll

    P3D v4 Texture Flicker

    Any idea why is this happening? Like flickering with movement of camera. I tried several "Alpha Test Level" values in MCX, but no difference
  4. gayanll

    Something similar to Scenproc

    Is there any other tool which can use feature detection technology like scenproc, but easier to use (no scripting)? I was trying to understand scenproc for 3 weeks now, but totally lost (may be cuz i hate scripting stuff).
  5. gayanll

    P3D to X-Plane conversion

    So i have completed my photo real scenery for P3D. It looks fine and all that. Is it possible to convert this to X-Plane too? I’ve never done that before. Is it even possible? Where should i start? Thanks
  6. gayanll

    P3D v4 No tall buildings

    I want to creat some building along a road and they should be 4- 5 stories high. I hve created a custom texture for them too and placed in Main texture folder. I tried creating buidings with "Flat roofs for medium tall buildings" catagory . anyway no matter what catagory i choose i only get...
  7. gayanll

    scenProc Failed to read CFG

    Is this normal? or how to correct this? Then when i try run texture filter editor i get following error and CTD.
  8. gayanll

    scenProc Scenproc Tutorial

    Is there any updated tutorial for scenproc for beginners? I tried one in wiki but seems its outdated, even "IMPORTSHP" doesn't work anymore. Where can i learn this thing?
  9. gayanll

    P3D v4 Drawing textures

    I in middle of progress of creating a small air force base for P3D. But due to security reasons i cannot obtain pictures of hangers and buildings. I have some reference pictures with horrible quality, which cannot be used for texture creation. So my question is, can i draw textures? Im not a...
  10. gayanll

    P3D v4 3D max version

    Which version of 3D Max is compatible with P3D v4 SDK.? I want to buy it .
  11. gayanll

    P3D v4 Best Scenery placement tool...

    Did some digging and people use many tools for this job. So started a poll, and we'll see whats is the most popular one. If you tool is not here, please comment it so we all can check on it too. :)
  12. gayanll

    Satellite Images

    Hello, Im trying to make a small airport in Asia (indian area). Can you guys suggest a place to buy/or for free high quality satellite images. I was trying Google Earth, Bing but not so good in that area. Thanks
  13. gayanll

    P3D v4 Volumetric Lights

    Hi guys, Im trying to get some dynamic light with "Volumetric" effect to my new scenery. i got everything right except the "volume":D. Please refer attached photos, What i have is in photo "22". and i want to achieve the effect as in photo "33". Thanks
  14. gayanll

    P3D v4 Grass not Transparent in P3D.

    First of all I'm new to this. I created a Plane in Gmax and applied grass with Alpha layer and all that. Exported it to MDL, and opened in MCX. Looks perfect (see attached photo) But when i load the BGL in SimDirector to place it, its not transparent. I tried many options without any luck...
  15. gayanll

    Disappearing Runaway

    Hello, I created my first ground poly by gmax and exported to p3d v4. but it looks like this. when i zoom out i can see whole runaway. I used elevation in MCX as i found in AFCAD file 135 Feet. any ideas? PS: totally new to this.