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    C SimConnect Client Data Area problems

    Hi folks, I'm having some issue with reliability of client data areas using SimConnect in C. What I've got are several C structs of custom variables in my aircraft (which has a Simconenct client running in a gauge) that I trying to pass several times a second to an external win32...
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    Simconnect failing after screensaver/suspend mode

    Not strictly a developer question this, other than I developed the SimConnect client app that's suffering, but I have a customer who's reporting that my aircraft (that includes a SimConnect client in a C gauge) stops working after his computer's screensaver cuts in or the PC goes to sleep/shuts...
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    Removing FSX spawned AI traffic.

    Question: should it be possible to call SimConnect_AIReleaseControl() followed by SimConnect_AIRemoveObject() to remove an AI object that I've already got the object id number for? It seems to work sometimes, and others I get a SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_OPERATION exception? Si EDIT...
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    register_var_by_name() - what's the point?

    Can anyone clue me in on what the point of registering named variables is? Everything I've done so far hasn't needed it as I mostly use my own local variables within gauges. Is it possible to register a custom variable using a new id string? Are there advantages to doing this, such as are...
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    FSXA Using Simconnect in an out-of-process DLL..?

    I've written many SimConnect C out-of-process applications that work fine. I'm now trying to write a DLL that connects to FSX via SimConnect to pass Client Area data to a third-party exe. (Note - the third party app loads the DLL as out-of FSX process, not FSX as an in-process DLL.)...
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    Flight of the Phoenix - ACES reborn..

    Odd that I don't see any posts about this already, but: http://flightsimulator.ning.com/group/flightsimulatornews/forum/topics/breaking-news-aces-studio Si
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    I've created a fuel quantity gauge and I seem to be finding that I can't set the gauge to freeze if the user sets a fuel gauge failure, i.e.: FAILURE_RECORD fuel_quantity_fail[] = { {FAIL_SYSTEM_ELECTRICAL_PANELS,FAIL_ACTION_ZERO}, {FAIL_GAUGE_FUEL_INDICATORS,FAIL_ACTION_FREEZE}...
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    dll troubles

    I've created a gauge dll which includes SimConnect client code, Win32 (not MFC) and DirectSound functionality. It runs fine on both my PCs and most of my testers. However, on a couple of testers' PCs it appears that the dll doesn't load at all, i.e. the gauge faces and switches aren't drawn...
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    Kenji and FSX/ESP on the One Show

    Anyone else just see MS FSX/ESP and Kenji from Southampton Uni on BBC's One Show? ESP on prime time TV! (Shame MS don't seem to care about it...) Si
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    Getting SimConnect.dll version via C gauge/in-process dll?

    Anyone know if there's a way to get the SimConnect.dll version from an in-process C gauge? I have a SimConnect client in a C gauge that requires SP2/Acceleration/Gold and not earlier (SP1 and prior) versions. Also, if that version check fails, or if it cannot open SimConnect at all, I need...
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    Unhandled exceptions in API.dll

    Recently I'm getting an occasional crash in FSX in API.dll. Anyone ever had these? I'm assuming it's related to my aircraft but the debugger never shows a valid stack frame and the error never occurs within my gauge dll so I can't debug it. So I'm looking for general info about what sort...
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    PROP_PITCH_HI and PROP_PITCH_LO events operate backwards?

    It seems that the "incremental" and "quickly" events for increasing and decreasing the prop pitch work ok, but the HI and LO events are reversed and do the opposite function to what they should. Si
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    left_/right_touchdown sounds don't work?

    Anyone know whether it's possible to get the left_touchdown and right_touchdown sounds to work in FSX helicopters? They're in the sound.cfg for the R22 and 206 but don't appear to work. I've spent ages messing with the config settings according to the SDK and still no luck. Si
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    Client Data area problems

    I'm trying to get shared client data areas working and not having a lot of luck. I can set up the area in one simconnect client, and although another can request it and the callback seems to return the requested definition, it's always empty. (i.e. The dwData pointer is always zero.) Here's a...
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    Bug: ENG TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE mis reads below 0 degrees C

    This isn't a bug in SimConnect, but I discovered it when debugging my SimConnect application, so it's as good a place as any to mention it I guess... It appears that the ENG TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE sim var misreads as incredibly high when the ambient air temperature drops below zero degrees...
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    Setting L variables in missions?

    Is it possible to set a L XML variable in a mission that a gauge can read? For instance, say I have systems in my aircraft that MS don't model by default and I want that system to fail at a prescribed time in the mission. My gauge code can check the value of an L var and use that to change...
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    Battery drain

    I've noticed in the FSX Bell 206 that if the master battery is on but all systems and lights are off that there is a 17 Amp drain on the battery, which will drain it in no time. I've gone through the cfg and set all system amp ratings to zero in an attempt to determine the culprit...
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    Acron 3D Builder Standard Edition

    I've just noticed that Acron are about to release a Standard version of their 3D Builder program for $49. http://www.acroneng.com/3D%20Modeller.htm The professional edition is pretty good and imports and exports a whole host of formats and includes integrated FSX export, but I'd not...
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    Compiling C gauges for XP/Vista 64 bit?

    I currently use XP SP3 32 bit. Can anyone tell me if there's anything I need to do to ensure any gauge files (that also incorporate SimConnect code) work on 64 bit systems? Thanks, Si
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    Bug in VC lighting?

    If you load the Beech Baron and set the time of day to night, with the instrument lights off and battery on, you can see that the left and right alternator annunciators are still lit on the 2D panel. However, they are not lit in the VC. I've been doing some experiments and it appears that...