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    White patch on REG# area

    So I'm new to this whole creating liveries thing. Still in the process of figuring stuff out. Originally I didnt paint the Reg# area in Blender and it resulted in a white patch where the Reg# goes. I did it all over again this time painting the Reg# area and I got the same results. The picture...
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    aircraft package

    Hello all I have another question... I'm starting to mess around with creating liveries. I have one already made for the C152. I want to be able to make my own package so i can upload it and allow people to download it without having the other liveries that are in the package. So can anyone...
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    Removing default paint scheme in MSFS2020

    Hello everyone I'm having an issue removing the default paint scheme for a specific aircraft. The aircraft is the Cessna 152. I want to remove the deafult red and black scheme so I can make my own liveries. So basically just a plain white airplane with no color. I've watched quite a few videos...
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    MSFS Add to existing package

    Hello everyone. So I finished bringing in my local stadium looks great. Anyways I now want to add the surrounding buildings in. How would I go about this? I would like to add the new buildings to an existing package if possible. Thx for your time. Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
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    MSFS Noob here with a simple question.

    So I came across some good tutorials for beginners. Starting to get the feel for dev mode and some of its features. Anyways I'm working on a project and where I want to place my package contents there's quite a bit of trees. I've tried adding grass with the polygon tool and it got rid of some of...