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  1. J

    Placing object in GMAX

    Here's a useful tip to find the exact coordinates for your object (may be obvious, but sure took a long time for me to find out ;) ). First export your object in gmax as Aircraft instead of scenery object, and place the mdl in any aircraft\model directory. Now use this "aircraft" to slew the...
  2. J

    Repairing corrupt gMax files?

    You can actually recover the objects in corrupted files, at least in most cases. Create a new empty scene, and with File -> Merge import the objects from the corrupted file into this new one and save. If the file is corrupted beyond repair, you might find an older, automatic backup copy in...
  3. J

    Autodesk will no longer offer Gmax® software

    One very good alternative is the open-source 3D-modelling software Blender (http://www.blender.org). It can export into .x format, which MakeMDL can then convert into flight simulator models. The user interface is a bit different from gmax, but I've been learning it quite fast, the basics are of...
  4. J


    For the best result, put some opacity on the polygon in gmax to make the window transparent, use the texture to add colour, details, dirt etc. on the glass and as a finishing touch a bit of alpha as reflection map (works in scenery too!).
  5. J

    FISD: Remote Controled Scenery!

    Nice that you have noticed our new system. :) The system has been developed with easy adaptability in mind, and once finished we intend to release documentation and SDK so that other scenery developers can easily incorporate the system in their sceneries. The software can basically control...
  6. J

    I'm Looking for Something

    In Avsim library there's a package called FlyTampa Aerostatic (flytampa_aerostatic10.zip), it contains lots of different low-polygon models and liveries that are free for use. You'll have to use gmax to export them to libraries, though.
  7. J

    Quality of photo-textures

    Here's the procedure I use for custom photoreal sceneries, to avoid the resampler softening the image, in case someone finds it useful. A bit more work initially, but editing later on is simple, as you can just split the image in to pieces, without the resampler messing the picture up. 1. Get...
  8. J

    Docking systems

    I've made the two DGS types used in Finland, APIS and INOGON. Here's the APIS in action, all the same modes as in reality are implemented. No aircraft recognition implemented yet though, the aircraft types are hardcoded. Will have to figure out a smart way to do the recognition, as it will be...
  9. J

    Photoreal texture names?

    That's the solution, thanks a lot!
  10. J

    Photoreal texture names?

    How are the names on the photoreal textures (011213030011321su.bmp etc) defined? I'm working on a photoreal city scenery, and because I don't like the way resampler softens the texture, I work on the whole photo and split it up myself afterwards. On smaller sceneries this has worked quite well...
  11. J

    FS9 lightng of XML 3D objects

    It seems that it flips all vertex coordinates to opposite, and reverses the vertex order in the triangle draw commands, that is, draws them backwards. So it just changes the coordinate system from gmax's LHS to FS's RHS?
  12. J

    FS9 lightng of XML 3D objects

    Actually, the important thing is that you set the normals so that they are same for every vertex. I found 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 quite similar as the default autogen. The effect of that is that FS shades the polygons as if they were flat against the ground (the normal is a vector pointing straight up)...
  13. J

    GMax newbie help

    I think the equivalent in gmax would be boolean operations. See this tutorial from freeflightdesign.com for more info. Most of the tutorials there are for aircraft modelling, but many are just as useful for sceneries too.