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    MSFS [UNPAID] Crew Manager

    I am developing Crew Manager (https://crewmanager.live) which is a web based companion for MSFS 2020 which simulates crew and passengers during flights. It is free and open source, and currently in beta. It is designed to fix a lot of the issues with existing passenger managers (which mostly...
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    Crew Manager: Passenger boarding demo

    Hello everyone, here's a quick video demo of how Crew Manager deals with passenger boarding. It shows off the crew interaction tool, including its natural language processing, and the bespoke seat map. Needless to say passengers board in class order! Discord: https://discord.gg/NqPEKnWCF8...
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    MSFS Announcement: Crew Manager

    I am pleased to announce the development of Crew Manager, a next-generation passenger and crew simulator for MSFS2020 which leverages the power of the cloud to deliver immersive experiences through any hardware. Like my other project Find My Plane, this will be free and open source. It will...
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    MSFS Find My Plane open API

    By way of introduction I'm quite new to this forum, but looking forward to getting involved. I am a contributor to the Python-SimConnect library and the developer of MSFS2020 Cockpit Companion. I posted earlier in the general forum about my new project called Find My Plane, but I thought I...
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    MSFS Find My Plane - a simple, no-nonsense way of tracking your flight from any device with an open API [now in beta]

    I am pleased to announce the beta release of Find My Plane. Find My Plane is a simple, no-nonsense navigation map which allows you to track your flight in MSFS from any device - PC, Mac, iPad, phone - and from any network. Key features: Simple setup with no configuration required: no...
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    .PLN files are annoying, so I wrote a script to make them easier

    As you know, MSFS 2020 uses .PLN files to plan routes. They’re pretty annoying because: They use XML. Is this 1999? They display latitude and longitude in a format which is pretty difficult to do anything with. I wrote a simple script in Python to do a few things: Read an PLN file into a...
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    MSFS MSFS2020 Cockpit Companion - an http interface for SimConnect

    Find it annoying to click around in the cockpit trying to set the autopilot heading when you’re supposed to be flying the plane? Want to use your laptop or iPad to display secondary instruments so you can soak in all that photo realistic scenery? Struggling to fly over your house because...