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    MSFS Nvidia GTX 580 3gb + i7 2600K + 8gb ram for FS2020

    Hi all, as in title, a friend of mine was wondering if a desktop pc with CPU i7 2600K, RAM 8GB and GPU Nvidia RTX 580 3GB would be enough to use FS2020 with minimum settings. Is there anyone who has experienced FS2020 with such low hardware? Thanks!
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    P3D v4 Purpose of Transponder

    Hi to all, I'm wondering how to use a transponder on P3D... 🙄 For example, when you set a VOR frequency, you can see the "effects" on HSI and Flight Director. With COM, using ATC. But with transponder, once you have set a specific code, what "effect" would you expect to see? Thanks all! :)
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    P3D v4 [released] Aermacchi MB-339 for P3Dv4/v5 and FSX

    Hi all, this is to present our first aircraft at FlyingQuixote team, the Aermacchi MB-339 A! Product was released as early access at August 2020, and since then we have published several updates, both scheduled and based on users' feedback. The spirit of the project is in fact to provide...
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    Starting aircraft in Cold and Dark

    Hi to all, does anyone know which is the correct way to manage simulation begin in "cold & dark" situation (all electrical powers and engine off, plus additional requirements for a specific aircfraft, such as flaps down)? I'm programming the aircraft using custom C++ Gauges (no xml gauges)...
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    Failure management in C++ / Virtual Cockpit gauge

    Hello, I'm working on a project with all gauges animated in 3dsmax, and controlled via "animations" written in XML inside modeldef.xml. For example: <PartInfo> <Name>mach_scale</Name> <AnimLength>90</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>(A:Airspeed mach,machs)...
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    Connect C++ variable to 3d cockpit via modeldef.xml

    Hi to all, I'm working on a 3d cockpit, following this "standard" procedure: create an XML variable in modeldef.xml file, using simulator token variables. Example: <PartInfo> <Name>needle_g_force</Name> <AnimLength>85</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter>...
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    FSX Imported gauge becomes all black [from GMax to FSX]

    Hi to all, I'm facing a strange problem during gauge exporting from GMax to FSX. I successfully exported a very simple toy gauge (composed by a torus, and a cylinder inside as needle), following the procedure explained in this very detailed tutorial: Now I want to apply this procedure to a...
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    FSX 3d vs 2d gauges [newbie]

    Hi to all, I'm going to ask some basic questions about gauges. I'm completely newbie so sorry if they would result a bit confused. 1. I successfully completed the tutorial described in my previous post at...
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    FSX Problems in SDK Gauges sample [newbie]

    Hi to all, I'm completely newbie in FSX programming. I'm trying to complete the tutorial showed at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526958.aspx. My setup is the following: FSX SDK v. sp1a Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 community edition I correctly compiled the code in C:\Program...