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    FSXA XML Elements and Triggers

    Okay, I don't know if this will work, but lemme give it a try. ;) <Element> <Position X="0" Y="0"/> <Select> <Value>(L:center_fuel,bool) 1 == (A:FUEL TANK CENTER QUANTITY,pounds) 2200 > and if { 1 } els { 0 }</Value> <Case Value="1"> <Image...
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    FSXA Scenery Object Bank

    Okay, so I place the object with XML, it shows up, no issue there. I adjust the bank value and it does NOTHING to the model. Is this an FS bug or is there something else I can do to override it so the model is actually "laying on its side"? Thanks!
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    FSXA Spotlights / Ground Lights

    Does anyone here know how to make a light which will illuminate the ground in FSX? The FS2004 methods with the taxi light do not work nor does any other tutorial that I have found including the BRIGHT properties. So, is there a tutorial for it somewhere or can someone walk me through it...
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    FSXA Night Textures

    Tell me what I'm doing wrong here... First, let me preface, day textures are good. 1. I created a _LM.BMP for the model. 2. I unlocked ambient. 3. I selected my _LM texture and confirmed it showed up in GMAX. 4. I checked the material navigator list, it is there. 5. Exported as FS...
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    FSX Effects Headings

    Has anyone else experienced a problem when placing multiple instances of the same effect into a single BGL that they seem to ignore the individual headings and just take the heading from a single instance? In short, what I have is 3 police cars which I'm placing a strobe light effect for the...
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    Landing Base / Platform

    Both in MDL format conversion and trying to do it with SCASM API conversion, I can't seem to get a helipad landing platform to work...the aircraft just falls through. The SCASM source was correct and it worked that way, but seeing as I have a bunch of these to place, any thoughts on how to...
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    FSX to FS9 Textures Messed Up

    Hi all- First, Arno, thanks so much for this program. It has some great potential to developers! The problem I'm having is related to textures. I can convert an FSX model to use in FS9 without issue, but the problem is related to FSX using a DDS texture. I converted the texture to a...
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    FSX Jetway Scaling

    Has anyone managed to scale the jetways in FSX and still get them to work properly? I tried scaling them back to .75 and it also "scaled" the connection point of the aircraft to 75% of where it should have been.
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    FSX Terminal Objects

    Hmm, so has anyone unlocked the "secret" of FSX terminals yet? I found this as a terminal for a small regional airport here in Wisconsin (KCWA) and was hoping to borrow it and make a sister in La Crosse (KLSE) to replace the stupid hangar they put where the terminal is supposed to be...
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    Helicopter Airport Beacon

    Is it just me, or is the helo beacon in FSX completely screwed up? It's not like a translucent light effect...it appears to be more or less 3 opaque cones. Anyone else see this issue?
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    One-Way Runway

    Did I read correctly that someone (Jim) got one-way runways working properly? :) Just tick the boxes and it works, or did we have to "trick" the system?
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    Can Not Update Program

    Okay, so I click on the installer package and get... No big deal...so I go into my Add/Remove Programs.... Eh, so now I'm stuck in a neverending loop.
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    FSX Pushback Trucks - Tug Unable to Move

    Hi all- Ran into an issue today with Wilco's Airbus Volume 2. The pushback trucks were not working on the 340s and you would get the message: "This aircraft can not be moved by the tug". I traced the issue back to the 3rd main landing gear (center). Apparently, the sim thought that was...