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    XReader in MCX issues multiple "Could not find linked animation for ......"

    Importing a .x file output from Blender2 P3D/FSX toolset, the Xreader in MCX issues a warning message for EVERY modelpart and EVERY attachment when there is no animation present. So it is indeed a correct warning message but I have a scenery item where there are dozens of these warning...
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    Issues running Blender 2.83 & Blender2P3D/FSX Tool under Windows 11 with SDK v5.3HF1

    There are DEFINITE issues with this s/w combination. I have an AMD based PC running this software and came across the issues below. I decided to also install Blender and the P3D/FSX tool on my Microsoft Intel based surface Pro. So 2 totally different Hardware/System Software installations...
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    Using SODE to trigger an attached effect

    Hi all. I am looking for an example (or how to..) trigger an effect with SODE. I have successfully use SODE to open/close hanger doors with: <!-- Triggerable Animation and Visibility user induced --> <SimObject Name="H1_Front"> <Placement Lat="55.74250" Lon="-2.3626"...
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    Special Effects omitted from .mdl file when using P3d/FSX tool to export the model from Blender 2.8

    Hi. Can anyone explain please? I have created Empties for Special Effects attachment in my Blender model. When I export the file using the P3D/FSX tool, the Special Effects are included in the .x file but not the .mdl file. I have then to import the .x file to MCX and then export to a .mdl...
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    P3D v5 How to Make Glass for Window Frame

    Hope someone can help. I am designing my own aircraft hanger using Blender 2.8 and the P3D/FSX Toolset for ex[ort to P3D V53HF1. You can see from the attached jpg I have made the glass for one window in Blender (with the glass offset to the left to show the difference). Have done this using a...
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    P3D/FSX Toolset for Blender 3.0.1

    Hi. Does anyone know if Blender 3.0.1 supports the P3D/FSX Toolset? I am currently using Blender 2.8 and thinking of upgrading to Blender 3.0.1. Thanks in advance. John
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    MCX Queries to Creating Seasonal Models

    Hi all. Two queries I have: 1) Just wondered if there is an MCX setting where I can permanently configure the Seasons menu to include hard winter. Currently I have to redefine the menu on every seasonal model I create. and 2) When selecting to merge the SU Model with the other season models...
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    Placing Seasonal Trees around my custom airport

    I am using P3D V5.3 with latest fixes. I have an ADE custom-built fictional airport and I would like to add seasonal HD trees around the perimeter, between hangers etc to make the airport look more realistic. I have ORBX TrueEarth GB installed with my ADE airport over laying this. I...
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    Blender Animation Problem when using Blender2P3D/FSX to P3D (actually ModelXConverter)

    Can someone help? I have created an aircraft hanger where the doors open/close sideways - the left door goes left, the right goes right (...but ofcourse!) The doors open/close as they should in Blender and the model exports without errors using Blender2P3D/FSX (version 0.98,21 and Blender...
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    Blender2P3DFSX - problems with material when exporting .x and .mdl files for P3D

    Hi folks - really struggling with exporting from Blender 2.83 using Blender2P3DFSX Tried (successfully) importing a .mdl file from P3D using ModelXConverter import then export as .obj file and then importing to Blender. This works fine and indeed I can go back - export as .obj file and via...
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    Blender UV Maps misaligned with ModelXconverter textures & vice-versa

    Hi can someone help. Just been getting into Blender 2.83 (good program!). Hit a problem when exporting model from ModelX as Wafeform .obj file with .mtl file (for materials). When I import the .obj file into Blender the textures are misaligned on the Blender model. I have to use UV Editing to...
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    Autogen Buildings & Trees on my custom-created airport EGGV adfter ORBX TE GB Central Installed

    Hi there. Can you help please. I have P3D 4.5 Hotfix2 installed with ORBX EU England, Scotland & Wales. I have also created a fictional airport (EGGV) near where I live in the Borders about 16 miles west of Berwick Upon Tweed. The flight sim is working perfectly and I have also successfully...
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    Problem with ModelXConverter using P3DV4.4 SDK

    Hi there and apologies if this issue has already been raised. When I inport a .mdl file using P3D4.4 SDK, the model will load fine. If I then export with/without changes to P3D .mdl file, it exports ok. However, if I import it again ModeXConverter starts the import but quickly stops an no...
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    Can a subset of an aircraft model's textures be prefixed with the model name?

    Hi. I have used ModelXconverter for a while now. I can rename ALL the names of the aircraft model's textures with a prefix of the model name .. BUT is there a way of selecting only a subset of the textures? I am using ModelXconverter, Library Creator and P3D V4 SimDirector to place aircraft...