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    MSFS Straighten taxipath CTD.

    I was trying to use the straighten taxipath in ADE 2020 but every time I try it throws an exception and exits. Log was sent on one of them scott s. .
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    Wavefront obj import problem

    Arno, hope your move is going well and you are not living out of boxes while getting new house set up. Anyway, was attempting to import some wavefront obj but MCX doesn't seem to like the materials. Specifically the event log shows for each material: 10:22 AM OBJReader Warning Failed...
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    Trimble Navigation buying Sketchup

    Google is selling off Sketchup and the 3d warehouse to Trimble. Claim is that freeware users will continue to be supported, but I guess time will tell. scott s. .
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    FSX TimeZone findings

    So I built a python3 script so I could look at timezone records and I was able to disassemble the default scenery\base\scenery\timezone.bgl I found a couple interesting things: 1. The bglcomp sdk shows an attribute for "daylightSavings". This isn't saved at all when compiled. 2...
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    FSX Possible ADEX 1.50.4402 approach bug

    Open stock HETB. In approach mode open VORDME R04 for editing. There is a VOR TBA, and separately collocated NDB TBA and route waypoint TBA. The approach and legs call out VOR TBA, but the line draw is to the NDB (or maybe the waypoint, hard to say which). This also happens if you create a...
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    FSXA X-pack object GUID list

    Is there a list anywhere of what objects are added in Acceleration? Been looking around and can't find one. I'm trying to sort some missing object alerts in FSX sp2. scott s. .
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    FSX aircraft lightmaps

    I don't really know anything about aircraft modeling, but I d/led a set of AI models that I guess were done for FS9 and then modified into FSX models. A comment with the d/l stated that lightmaps were a problem in that lightmaps done for FS9 didn't look right for FSX for two reasons: The...
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    FSX BGL2XML feature request

    Currently BGL2XML does not decode timezone records. It would be nice (for me anyway) to have this capability. I have done some preliminary work. The section type is 0x002F Each record is a timezone lat/long box and is 24 bytes What I found is 0x00 DWord Long Min 0x04 DWord Lat Max...
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    FSX FS Dreamteam GSX

    This isn't only an ADE question, but I will post here for now. FS Dreamteam have released a product for FSX, GSX, which is designed to provide certain services to user aircraft on the ground. It is designed to work with any airport AFD file, default, AFX, or ADEX. I anticipate many...
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    FSX Using BGLScan from SDK

    Any one use BGLScan? I thought I would give it a shot, but I am getting many errors. They look like this: MdlScan Error: 1 : Incorrect model version. Found 0, expected 10 MdlScan Error: 1 : Failed to map guid value for model data! MdlScan Error: 1 : Failed to map friendly name from model...
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    FSX PHNL Runway usage ideas

    Now that I have some decent hardware I would like to tweak some of my more complex airports, in this case FSDT PHNL Honolulu. Here is how the airport works IRL: 90% of the time the airport works with landing/takeoff to the east, so that's my main interest. If needed I could do a "kona...
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    FSX AIFP 2.1.23 Flight plan subset problems

    I'm having problems with flightplan subsets 1. I open a traffic .bgl and in the flightplan subset select Airport then select some airports. When I set the subset to "exclusive" and OK, I get an unhandled exception index out of range. It works OK with "inclusive". 2. I have trouble...
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    FSX 1.50.11 "TaxiwayPoint" popup window

    Somehow I managed to do something and now when opening the ad2 file or setting certain view menus or switching to/from approach, I get a popup window that just says "TaxiwayPoint". Dismissing the window everything seems to work OK. I think I might have deleted and "undo" the delete of a...
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    FSX USGS 1/9th sec mesh data

    I am working on a project, and was looking around on USGS seamless Server, and found they had 1/9 sec data for some of my project area. I d/led it to take a look and it really blew me away. There's some bad data but where it is good it is really good. Only thing is I can't get it looking as...
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    FSX Ringpiece failure

    Haven't tried Ringpiece in a long time but thought I would yesterday. It's crashing when I try to convert kml - sbx. I note Dick alluded to problems with latest GE. I'm on GE 6 and looking at the kml it says it's using the 2.2 ver of the spec. I'm guessing maybe Ringpiece is written to an...
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    FSX Attachment point positioning anomaly

    I am working on an FSX object mdl and created a couple of attach points using the MCX attached object editor to attach FSX generic objects. (BTW: is there some way to save off the data entered into added attach points so it isn't lost if the model has to be re-imported?) When placing the...
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    FS2004 DXT3 alpha isues

    In another fs site, there is a great deal of discussion concerning BMP files with DXT3 compression and "no alpha channel". I guess this started with aircraft and spread to scenery objects. The claim is made that these bmp textures are causing stutters. I suppose that could be true but I'm...
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    FSX GUID edit bug r701 and prior

    I've seen a problem that I don't see reported AFAIK. When editing a GUID MCX will throw up an exception due to bad GUID (for example, back-spacing the existing GUID). The only way I've found to do it is create the new GUID in a text editor or other source and copy/paste it into the box...
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    FSX Put a sign on boundary fence

    I wanted to put a sign on an airport extrusion boundary fence, so I just created a rectangular face and textured it, and also tried creating a box and texturing it, but I'm having problem getting it to show, or if it shows FSX is not getting the z-order correct and shows the fence in front of...
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    Sketchup 8 released

    Get it here: http://sketchup.google.com/ scott s. .