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  1. MatthiasKNU

    MSFS Converting P3D library to MSFS

    Hello together! First of all, I have to get rid of the following: I don't have created anything for the MSFS yet, I don't even really understand the MSFS scenery package system. I am an absolute beginner here in MSFS, so please forgive my perhaps stupid questions... So what do I want to do...
  2. MatthiasKNU

    Decompile placement bgl

    Good morning everyone! I have a question today that I'm sure is very easy to answer, but I haven't come up with a solution yet. I have a created a bgl already some time ago, that contains only the placements for wind turbines (not the models). I would now like to edit this bgl. Unfortunately...
  3. MatthiasKNU

    scenProc Question(s) about Create3DBuildings

    Good morning Arno, hello everyone! For a few days now I have been working with the Create3DBuildings function of ScenProc. I would like to use it to create the very densely built-up townships and slums in Africa better than with autogen for the sim. I have already made my way through the...
  4. MatthiasKNU

    Python function timeout

    Hello everyone! This time I need a little bit of special help - while programming my scripts. First the affected part: The problem is the following: The function call in line 773 *might* take forever due to a small problem in a called module when the roads-shapefile is to big. So i would...
  5. MatthiasKNU

    scenProc CreateAGNPolyVeg Argument out of Range

    Hello Arno, I hope you are well, even in these times! After a long time I think I found a bug in ScenProc again... At this point I would like to thank you again, without ScenProc all my sceneries would have been unthinkable! 08:01 SceneryProcessor Error...
  6. MatthiasKNU

    scenProc CreateRectangle Bounding box coordinates number of decimal digits

    Hi Arno! I noticed something in ScenProc, I'm not sure if it fits like this: When using the CreateRectangle-step, I am defining the area like this: CreateRectangle|6.03165719986;6.18049766541;46.1782983351;46.286104579|String;area|agn No I get the following error message: 09:08...
  7. MatthiasKNU

    Alarming observation when creating sceneries

    Hello everyone! I set to work today and started to decorate St Helena with a photoscenery for the P3D. While I was drawing the water mask, I noticed very, very many white-grey dots. As it turns out, unfortunately, these are not picture errors: this is plastic waste floating in the sea and...
  8. MatthiasKNU

    Ortho4XP: Arc no imagery

    Hello everyone! since a few days I cannot download imagery with Ortho4XP, using the Arc Imagery. Everything stays white, and I can't open a tile in the browser as well, i.e. http://services.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services/World_Imagery/MapServer/tile/17/45158/69517 However, if I do not...
  9. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v5 Placing higher resolution photoscenery bgl over lower resolution photoscenery bgl

    Hello everyone! I have a little problem and am in need of help... :p I have created my photo sceneries for parts of Europe - so far so good. Now that winter is coming, it is noticeable that everything around Addon Airports is of course white. In my photo sceneries, however, winter is only in...
  10. MatthiasKNU

    scenProc PointToPolygon len,wid from Attribute

    Hi Arno, hi all other! Is it possible, to read the len and wid attribute in the PointToPolygon-function directly from attributes? Quick code example what I want to do: AddAttribute|buildtype="resid"|Double;LENG|RND(8,16) AddAttribute|buildtype="resid"|Double;WIDT|RND(5,10)...
  11. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v5 Converting ground poly - missing lines

    Hello everyone! First of all: I do not know much about airport design. But I have the problem that with T2G MMMX I cannot start the sim anymore. I have found out that this is due to the Ground Poly. So I tried to convert the ground poly for P3Dv4.4 with the GPW (yes, I know, copyright etc., but...
  12. MatthiasKNU

    CreateAGNPolyVeg: System.ArgumentException: Number of points must be 0 or >3

    Hi Arno! I stumbled over the following error with the latest ScenProc Development Release, which *might* be related to this problem...
  13. MatthiasKNU

    Heading of polygon

    Hi Arno! Quick question for the boss ;) Does ScenProc have a function to find out the heading of an nearly rectangular polygon? Example: I would like the direction from the line marked with the arrow. I don't really care from which side it is measured, whether it is 340 or 160°... The...
  14. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v5 Photosceneries and Autogen Packages for the world

    Hello everyone! To make the whole thing a bit easier to understand, I have edited the thread a bit, so that I announce ALL my sceneries for Europe here. Completed projects are so far: Belgium (V2) Denmark Germany (V2) Bavarian Airfields Due to a problem with the filesizes not finished yet...
  15. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v4 Autogen Packages for different countries

    Hello everybody! The autogen can be used in all ESP sims, from FSX to P3Dv5. Currently available are: Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Germany (and without photos): Hungary Montenegro Slovenia Slovakia and Switzerland The files are available here...
  16. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v4 Project Denmark

    Hello all! Again, I have pictures of a new country to show - Denmark - which is already quite advanced. Denmark will be compatible to P3Dv4 and P3Dv5, does not require any other addons and will need about 15 GB of disk space: It will only use one season, as snow is not very common...
  17. MatthiasKNU

    Do we have a thread with curiosities?

    I definitely have something for a possible curiosities-thread: :Do_O
  18. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v4 Project Estonia

    Hello everybody! Let me solve this mystery for you... It's absolutely right, Estonia is. Now some people might think: Why the hell do you create Estonia?! The decisive factor was this video, which I saw purely by chance: And it was only then that I really noticed how bad Estonia actually...
  19. MatthiasKNU

    Building area ratio

    Hi Arno, hello everyone! First of all, a huge THANK YOU to Arno for releasing ScenProc v3! Really looking forward to use it! Just a very small question, I am sure it has been answered also in the manual, but I'm just too stupid to find it right now... Following situation: I've got a building...
  20. MatthiasKNU

    P3D v4 Creating seasons.bgl

    Hello everyone! I need help... I am currently trying to create seasons for my Germany-Project. I've been trying to do this for days, but I just can't get it done. First of all my inf file: [Destination] DestDir = C:\Users\mknue\Desktop\GES\new DestBaseFileName =...