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  1. JRobinson

    FSX File Naming Convention with SplitFileLOD?

    I'm doing a largish 1m photoreal with a single .inf using SplitFileLOD=9 to keep the .bgls from going over 2Gb. It works great, but there are 27 .bgls so far with filenames like this: valles_photo_1m_03110305.bgl valles_photo_1m_03110306.bgl ...etc I use DestBaseFileName="valles_photo_1m_" in...
  2. JRobinson

    P3D v3

    I just installed v3 about 20 minutes ago and I see an autogen.cfg in the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 folder. It looks like you can specify another location for your autogen descriptions but I haven't tested anything to see if there's any way to accommodate multiple descriptions...
  3. JRobinson

    Just a fun thing for the GIS types: Wildfires

    I live in the Northwest US and the world around us is on fire right now. Frankly I'm scared to death so I've been really following what's going on at all the interagency sites and what not for the past month (we're supposed to get rain Saturday, fingers crossed). At the rate these fires are...
  4. JRobinson

    What does "d" do in this visibility condition?

    <Visibility>(L:page_vis, number) 3 == d (A:Circuit General Panel On, bool) (A:Circuit Avionics On, bool) &amp;&amp; &amp;&amp;</Visibility> I adapted this from the CRJ PFD I think it was, trying to come up with a way of cycling through some pages of data. It works fine like this but not...
  5. JRobinson

    Just An FYI RE: Satellite Internet and SBuilderX/GoogleServer.dll

    I recently had Gen4 satellite installed which is wonderful but there are certain things that don't work correctly using the default modem settings. The particular setting that causes problems is "Web Acceleration". SBuilderX 314 was giving me fits about 5 minutes ago trying to download some...
  6. JRobinson

    Some Outtakes

    I find I amass quite a collection of models that won't likely ever make it into a scenery. Often this happens when someone asks a question on the forums so you set up a test to verify the advice you're about to suggest. Maybe you just need an example for a screenshot and you're not really...
  7. JRobinson

    Suppress GUID and Friendly Name Overwrite Confirmation

    I was making a bunch of simple house models where the only difference between each model was that the UVWs occupy a different cell on the texture sheet so I was saving "gen_hse_gab_54x40_cell1.gmax" as "gen_hse_gab_54x40_cell2.gmax" and then running the LODandName tool to assign a new GUID and...
  8. JRobinson

    Have You Ever Used The Teapot Primitive?

    In over 7 years of messing around with gmax I can't say I've ever found a use for it, lol. I mean, what the heck? It's not "manifold", it has a bunch of zero-area polys in the bottom of it? The lid doesn't even fit? I admit to replacing my Cessna 172 model with a gigantic teapot back in FS9 when...
  9. JRobinson

    PhotoShop Texturing - Extruding Pixels

    I think if I had to choose just one PhotoShop trick that I felt like I should share it would be this. Maybe everyone does this but I don't recall ever having seen it before and I derived it myself rather than picking it up from a tutorial or something. I use it a lot, in this example we'll make...
  10. JRobinson

    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    I thought I'd show some pics of my current project which started with a request over at flightsim.com. This is X40 Inverness, Florida, more recently known as KINF. I got some imagery off the nat'l map server and next thing I knew I had a rough photoreal down in the sim. I thought I would do up a...
  11. JRobinson

    P3D v2 AGNRectangularVegetation: Using ModelEntry GUID Rather Than Grouping id?

    I have some autogen near an approach path that makes it impossible to follow the 3° glideslope if I use something like Cottonwood 5-16m City and/or tb Elm1 8-18m City in that area. The trees are too tall of course, the friendly name is misleading as Cottonwood 5-16m City for example uses models...
  12. JRobinson

    Gmax and Windows key?

    Has anyone else had their geometry get gnarled up by an inadvertent press of the "Windows key"? I've had this happen a couple times, make a jab for the ALT key to rotate the view, hit the windows key by mistake and find some selected vertices, edges or whatever have been moved several feet...
  13. JRobinson

    FSXA Coordinate Converter Problems

    Hi Arno, I made a groundpoly in gmax beginning with just 20 non-tiling 1024 .bmps, each one assigned and mapped to it's own separate plane object. I exported that as a model and placed it manually with Instant Scenery 2. I decompiled the placement .bgl and used the coordinates in the GP...
  14. JRobinson

    New command line utility, you gotta see this!

    Here's an excerpt from the associated help file, this is an amazing piece of software! Next time some newbie nonchalantly asks the "how do I make an airplane for flight simulator?" question on one of the FS forums like it's an afternoon project or something, you can direct them to...
  15. JRobinson

    FSXA Why doesn't this string work?

    Hi guys, since converting local time to UTC taxes my brain somewhat I devised a gauge in FS9 to tell me the current metar cycle based on sim time. Now I'm trying to use it in FSX and while the actual readout seems to work fine, the tooltip doesn't work anymore (which I added because the actual...
  16. JRobinson

    What does it take to get some AA in Gmax?

    On my old XP machine with a GEForce 7800 I had the most beautiful display in Gmax you've ever seen (well, for Gmax anyway), now I've got the fire breathing i7 monster here with the $500 graphics card and I can't get rid of these horrendous jaggies no matter what I do. It looks so awful I can...
  17. JRobinson

    An Idea For MCX?

    Hi Arno, I fully understand if you'd prefer that the development of MCX begin winding down, but I was just thinking it'd be neat if there was an option in the batch converter to export a group of jpeg preview images: Would that be a really difficult option to add? I suppose maybe human...
  18. JRobinson

    Is There a Quick Way To Remove Smoothing From a Large Number of .mdls?

    I have an object library containing a number of hangars. These hangars have some strange shadowing effects on the roofs because they are "smoothed". I'd like to batch-process these somehow to remove these smoothing groups, but so far the only way I've found to do that is export to .3ds and pull...
  19. JRobinson

    FSXA Blend Masking Around Landclass Textures?

    The basic question is this: Can I assume that if I see "045b2su3.bmp" at N48.697° W116.416° (hypothetical example) in my sim, that everyone will see the same .bmp at those coordinates, or is there some randomness to which exact texture will display at a given location. The particular LC...
  20. JRobinson

    FS2004 KMYL - McCall, Idaho

    I landed at the default McCall, Idaho airport one day last fall and decided MS' hideous rendition of KMYL would stand no more. I started out with a few "afcad" mods with ADE9X and one thing led to another. By now I guess I'm far enough into this to say "I'm making a scenery for McCall, Idaho" so...