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    MSFS Smart Dock | VDGS Engine for MSFS

    Hello guys Some of you might have heard or read about smart dock for P3D V4+, I posted about it in 2019 on this thread in the show room! I have been searching for a VDGS Engine for MSFS, and I couldn't find one that satisfies my need for perfect parking guidance + real-world simulation of...

    [SOLVED]Getting Nose wheel position

    Hello guys back in P3D days I've worked on an Addons that used nose wheel position in order to calculate some distances, my method to get this position was to request attachpoint world position of a taxi light effect used by the aircraft developer this method used to work very well. Now, I'm...

    MSFS Custom SimVar

    any clue how this type of simvars is used ? can it be access through XML can we set / read it through simconnect like A:Simvars ?

    MSFS MSFS Visibility conditions

    Hello I'm trying to implement visibility conditions into my simobjects I've tried many codes with many structures (old p3d/fsx partinfo sections and new behavior/component sections) but nothing seems to work I've read a topic showcasing the code structure but still no result here is my test...

    MSFS Menus and panels

    Hello guys I've stumbled upon this great video from fsdreamteam showcasing the upcoming GSX : In this video, the user can click on a button that would hang from the tool bar we have in MSFS...HOW ? How do we add this button there, and how do we program it's behavior and what it does ?? Second...

    MSFS doesn't render my model

    Hi I've been trying to spawn a simobject in the sim but MSFS doesn't render the model I've tried various tools with no success, MCX, Blender2MSFS.... MCX can read my models and other developers' models very well, but the export doesn't render in the sim, @arno any Idea ? I have been trying to...

    MSFS Why ?

    Scenery developers are after terminal interiors! Why ? all screenshots on every websites are about the interior! like who cares ? show me some ground textures, show me some apron details, show me some special vehicles or some nice ramp agents jumping around! I know it's nice to have some...

    MSFS Laptop for MSFS and sdk in general

    Hello I'm in the market for a new laptop, I basically need it for Video editing (Premiere and after effects), 3D modeling and render (Blender), Game dev (unity), and last but not least: MSFS and addons development. The primary choice would be a fixed PC for different legitimate reasons, but a...

    MSFS WASM module | Render texture on simobject

    Hello I read that WASM modules allow aircraft developers to render some gauges using the low API functions provided by the wasm integration with MSFS, this module should be loaded through a reference in the Panel.cfg file as the documentation says. My question is: can we use those WASM Render...
  10. RED COOL

    MSFS Add-ons' interfaces withing MSFS

    Hello The way we used to be able to give the end user a control over simconnect add-ons during FSX/p3d era used to be through menus. We had drop down menus as well as multi-pages "ATC" menus that can be used to control or to monitor the process of certain add-ons using simconnect. I haven't seen...
  11. RED COOL

    Scenery / aircrafts models copyrights

    Hello The existence of payware products from sceneries to aircrafts to other add-ons requiring 3D models replicating real-life structures has always made me thinking about the right to replicate and sell a digital version of the original thing. I know that some buildings in cities are considered...
  12. RED COOL

    Decompiling FS files

    Hello We have a great community that spent time analysing FS files and could after countless time of hard work, reverse engineer those files like BGL MDL....ect They have provided their work to the community via the FSdev file format wiki which I find really interesting. I would like to be able...
  13. RED COOL

    MSFS Custom variables

    Hello Is it possible to create custom variables accessible by simconnect app that would be used to control scenery objects ? Msfs docs don't really mention this topic Regards.
  14. RED COOL

    MSFS Rendering a screen or a texture on a scenery object

    Hello I tackled this topic with P3D back in the day and I found it pretty interesting. I would like to know if it is possible to render a screen on a scenery object, for example: Let’s say I have a billboard, and I want to render a sequence of frames through a pre-scripted C++ or any other...
  15. RED COOL

    Sloped airports Ground Polygons

    Hello I'm wondering how can we make GP for sloped airports, I mean GPs are 3D objects flattened to the ground and sloped airports do not have a flat ground geometry which makes me think about how can we apply creatures to our GPs? note that every user has his own mesh settings and mesh files...
  16. RED COOL

    ADE P3D v5 Sloped Airports

    Hello Does the sloped runways and taxiways follow the mesh file ?
  17. RED COOL

    how to Sell an Addon for P3D ?

    Hello i want to know the legal steps to do to be able to open flight sim addons buisness i want to know if there are any taxes that i must pay or a legal state that i must have is it hard to open my online sceneries and addons buisness ? (from a legal and laws perspective) can i sell things on...
  18. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Smart Dock | VDGS Engine

    Hello dev community I've been working for the last months on a new VDGS Engine it is fully working and ready to be used by Scenery developers/end users/profiles & presets builders the first release will simulate one VDGS model only, other models are coming in future releases Here is a quick...
  19. RED COOL

    P3D v4 P3D PDK register property

    Hello all i'm trying to make my first ever PDK Addon i started with Simobject even if it is hard cus i need it for an other addon i made my way through by Copy paste, SDK docs and fixing visual studio Red lines i finished all the needed declarations and the DLL just compiled now i need to test...
  20. RED COOL

    P3D v4 P3d Dynamic lights refresh

    Hello Is there a way to view changes in the dynamic light file without restarting the sim Reloading scenery doesnt work Thnx in advance