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  1. Md Alavi

    MSFS VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport CSMIA Mumbai

    That's some good work right there!
  2. Md Alavi

    SU10 impressions

    Update- checked Asobo sample airport and noticed that the GUID there is in correct manner file name- MYNN.xml
  3. Md Alavi

    SU10 impressions

    Hi Thanks for the explanation Also I don't use ADE to edit airport this how my airport.xml file look
  4. Md Alavi

    SU10 impressions

    Hi, I am also having water runway bug with custom scenery, is it a Asobo bug? but when I set custom spawn its seem to be there and working fine in sim
  5. Md Alavi

    P3D v5 Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for P3D/XP11/FS20

    A sneak peak of the remodeled main terminal (exclusive for MSFS & X-Plane12)
  6. Md Alavi

    P3D v5 Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for P3D/XP11/FS20

    Dhaka Airport (VGHS) for MSFS More screenshots coming soon
  7. Md Alavi

    Custom aerial scenery and photogrammetry

    Thanks for the contribution (:
  8. Md Alavi

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    anyone knows why the tiles2bing not converting files? I had geo referenced the imagery through QGIS.
  9. Md Alavi

    P3D v4 Is P3D demand fading?

    Sales for P3D related consumer product is getting low in recent years
  10. Md Alavi

    Buying satellite imagery

    Can anyone please give me some website links where I can buy satellite imagery for commercial use? Sent from my SM-A225F using Tapatalk
  11. Md Alavi

    P3D v5 Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for P3D/XP11/FS20

    As the development of Dhaka scenery for P3D4/P3D5 coming to an end and the release getting closer. For this purpose we are inviting you guys to our official FADS Discord server, for preview, feedbacks and customer support Server link- https://discord.gg/s7A7azzYJ3
  12. Md Alavi

    P3D v4 Can I have alpha in the shadow of PBR material objects?

    yes, there's no option to turn off shadows for PBR materials unfortunately
  13. Md Alavi

    ADE Airport flatten height not working properly

    so I should set it to 7.228 meter to get a proper cliff?
  14. Md Alavi

    ADE Airport flatten height not working properly

    well yes, Its -5 feet to make a sloped lake, its looks like it way below 5ft
  15. Md Alavi

    ADE Airport flatten height not working properly

    Hey folks, I had been trying to flatten the terrain mesh to around 6-10 feet, but in the sim the flatten height is way below 5 feet, most probably more than 1 meter I am using ADE 175, P3D V5 FYI is this problem caused by airport background flatten which is set to 8.228 meter?
  16. Md Alavi

    ADE Wish List

    what about loading high res satellite image? @scruffyduck