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  1. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Interesting menu layout. Has MSFS always done this?

    So... I had to go and try it, expecting a slideshow, but I was genuinely astonished at how well MSFS handled three 32" 4K monitors flying out of Chek Lap Kok. PC is an i9-12900KF CPU, RTX3080Ti graphics card and 64Gb DDR4 RAM. I think I've now got three minutes in my logbook :rotfl:
  2. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS How to work with SimConnect_AIReleaseControl

    Error 20: '(... )It is also used by other functions to report that flags or reserved parameters have not been set to zero'. Are you sure that your SimConnect_AIReleaseControl call has the correct parameters?
  3. DragonflightDesign

    Heywood Air Starter Is this possible?

    Yes. You will need to apply a fuel tank, open the fuel valve and run the starter one after another. It can be done as I did something very similar a long time ago. If that produces a start that is too sudden, you'll need to delay the opening of the fuel valve and allow the engine to motor. BE...
  4. DragonflightDesign

    FS2004 Autopilot Will Not Smoothly Acquire Altitude

    Although I don't do XML as a general rule, from reading your code above it appears that you may have a lot of code flooding going on which, as Tom says, will clog the system up badly. Each time you use a K: var, before you send the same command again, run a check on the event to see if it has...
  5. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Cockpit swapping mirrors

    Just adding the camera should do it.
  6. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS WASM module exception calling fclose()

    Hi Max strcpy in OP's second post - lots of them by his own admission. Thanks for the info about WASM support (or lack of it!) for the C++ standards. -Dai
  7. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS WASM module exception calling fclose()

    As you've found, you've fallen foul of the delay caused by Windows writing to disc. So, your file opener should be { FILE* logfile = fopen("\\work\\mylogfile.log", "a"); if(logfile != NULL) { fprintf(logfile, "%s \n", debugtext); fclose(logfile); } } Secondly, by using...
  8. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Library ticket 'Endurance' figure (you know - the brief description that appears in the Hanger)

    I'll give that a try. Thank you. Edit: yep, that was it. Whoever did the cfg file calculated a no-load, from-full-to-the-very-last-drop range. Oh, no aircrew either. That was the only way I could get the numbers to give me 28 hours from max fuel vs fuel burn.
  9. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Library ticket 'Endurance' figure (you know - the brief description that appears in the Hanger)

    Jeez... this one would be out of fuel long before then. Seventeen hours is its maximum range. Although I didn't originate this project, the fuel load and fuel burn in the .cfg files are correct for those seventeen hours. Thanks Rick.
  10. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Library ticket 'Endurance' figure (you know - the brief description that appears in the Hanger)

    So I've been sucked into this world to fix a problem. In this particular case almost all of the parameters on the 'library card' were wrong, but I tracked most of them down to the aircraft.cfg and the flight_model.cfg file. The one I can't find is the 'Endurance' figure - it's currently set at a...
  11. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Getting temperature at a given location

    That's an interesting piece of code...
  12. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Getting temperature at a given location

    Well... what we used to do for creating TFR (terrain following radar) in FSX was to add an invisible aircraft (or flight of aircraft) that flew in formation directly along the heading of the user aircraft. You should be able to do something very similar in MSFS.
  13. DragonflightDesign

    Combining 4 Magnetos to 1 Master

    I don't do XML but I did face the same problem in my last project. What I did was to separate the display from the actual magneto switching action so that you could twist and turn the switches as much as you liked, but the actual mag left/right/both code was only triggered when the master switch...
  14. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS How to animate a continuous flap

    Now that's useful....
  15. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS How to animate a continuous flap

    Unless Asobo have changed the base code, you can't do it. There is a KEY_FLAPS_SET,x event (where x = value between 0 and 16384) which has never worked.
  16. DragonflightDesign

    Load a DLL upon simulator startup

    As Ed says - that's one of the biggest gripes that many developers have with MSFS (and one of the reasons I have avoided developing for it so far). A possible solution to the logging problem is to make your dll export data in a SimConnect format and then capture/log the exported data with a...
  17. DragonflightDesign

    Windows 11

    This is not what you're asking Arno, but I'm about to run an upgrade to Windows 11 in the next few days. As a backup in case it all goes TITSUP (Totally Unable To Support Usual Performance), I've cloned my C: drive. Doing so would allow you to test everything on Windows 11 without worrying about...
  18. DragonflightDesign

    FSXA Repainting Help

    As one who was unwillingly thrust into the world of texturing on a commercial project with no experience whatsoever, one thing I can tell you is that what lines up in the paint program does not necessarily line up in-sim. The textures are stretched in-sim to fit the surfaces and I found it was...
  19. DragonflightDesign

    AI Traffic State

    It's certainly still available in Prepar3D. Do you get any hits if you query the MSFS2000 SDK? I'd expect to find it under "AI Controlled Aircraft" (assuming that section exists).
  20. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Adding/retaining mouse rects in an aircraft mdl

    Moving the ModelParts back under the main SceneGraphNode isn't a problem; it just caught me by surprise. The real problem was that they were not behaving after the initial export as discussed in PM. My workaround involves not removing the single ModelPart (MixtureLeverLockingBar_down - the one...