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  1. Andrea80

    FS2004 Strange Gmax behavior

  2. Andrea80

    Gmax shortcut question

  3. Andrea80

    FS2004 GMax Smooth Modifier

    Hi all, I have a question, I've tried to find if someone has already asked in the forum, but I've found nothing. When applying the Smooth modifier to a Poly object you can lower the poly count while maintaining a nice curved surface. The question is: does the Smooth modifier have any...
  4. Andrea80

    FS2004 DSDG "City Center" Las Vegas

    Hi all! I will take a break from the VFR airfield scenery I'm working on. So I will continue on the developing of Las Vegas recent projects, this will be my third "mini" scenery after "Wynn & Encore" and "Trump & Palazzo". Here some screenshots from Gmax, currently, Vdara, Mandarin...
  5. Andrea80

    FS2004 VFR HD Scenery, Rivoli di Osoppo (UD, Italy)

    Well, after a lot of cities expansion pack the time has come to develop an airport. Of course I will not start with a difficult big airport but with a small airfield located in Italy where I have done a couple of flights some time ago, The airfield is in province of Udine near Osoppo ->...
  6. Andrea80

    FS2004 big ground poly scenery

    As you probably see in the showroom section, I've started do design the ground layer in my Milan VFR scenery. Because I want to maintain a resolution higher than the default fs9 4.8m/px I've decided for the ground poly solution. I have a large bmp, covering an huge area 17km x 15km, bitmap is...
  7. Andrea80

    FS2004 WIP New York, WTC complex

    March 9th, 2010 After a lot of time spent in flying around New York, I decided to build the new Wtc buildings, at the moment I've modeled all the approved or under construction buildings, WTC 1-2-3-4-7, 5 and 6 are on-hold or cancelled, but I will add them if they will be built at some...
  8. Andrea80

    FS2004 "Milan VFR 2010" December preview

    Hi to all! Work on this scenery is going quite fast, we have now completed more then 20 detailed buildings, and we have started with general Urban development (low and mid rise buildings). 2 of the 6 planned Helipads are completed and operative, with night lights and Afcad to allow pilots to...
  9. Andrea80

    FS2004 A condition on the texture

    Ok, I will try to explain what I have in mind... Flying around Cloud9 LAX scenery, I've noted one amazing feature, you know the LAX landmark, this building change cyclically its color during all the day every 5-10 seconds. I looked in the texture folder of that scenery and I found they use 4...
  10. Andrea80

    FS2004 again a strange problem attaching effects

    I tried to search on this forum if anyone had this problem before, but I don't found anything, I will explain the problem, hope to be clear... Usually I prefer to attach effects to my scenery buildings directly in gmax using the SDK "attach tool" or "multiple attach" if I have many lights...
  11. Andrea80

    FS2004 Houston Downtown Released

    Hi all! Houston Downtown Expansion pack has been released! and it is now available on flightsim.com, we have uploaded it on avsim.com also, it will be available during the day. Flightsim.com link -> Houston.zip featured buildings are: 1) JP Morgan Chase 2) Wells Fargo Plaza 3)...
  12. Andrea80

    FS2004 WIP Las Vegas, Strip

    Hey folks! after the release of Wynn and Encore, we are working on Trump and Palazzo :) we have now finished day textures, and started night textures, here a couple of "beta" screens :D, the "600ft Club" is now completed :D We hope to release Trump and Palazzo at the end...
  13. Andrea80

    FS2004 DSDG Wynn & Encore Released!

    Finally Wynn & Encore Las Vegas is ready for download from our server and flightsim.com, will be available on AVSIM as soon as Avsim.com is back. Download Link -> Wynn & Encore ( DSDG server ) Download Link -> Wynn & Encore ( flightsim.com ) Thank you, hope you like our effort to develop...
  14. Andrea80

    FS2004 WIP Houston Downtown

    Not only Milan in my downtown expansion sceneries :) For Houston we have in project, this towers: JP Morgan Chase; Wells Fargo; Centerpoint Energy Plaza; Chevron Tower; 5 Houston Center. All these buildings have been already modeled, now we are creating textures. You can see at this...
  15. Andrea80

    FS2004 Milan city, early preview

    Hey all! this is my first huge project, after developing some small projects, like the Burj Dubai, some hotels in Las Vegas strip, and some Afcads, we decided to start a new project! the entire Milan City. This is a huge project, some buildings and monuments are designed as has never been done...
  16. Andrea80

    FS2004 DSDG Burj Dubai Released!

    Hey All!!! Finally The Burj Dubai is released, we released it trough a simple executable installer, you can download it from my site, at this PAGE The installation comprise 2 set of texture, with different compression, the model file and the "readme", please prior to Install our product take 2...
  17. Andrea80

    Strange effect problem

    Hi all, I tried a search on this forum but without result... here my problem: I have a building with lights on top, the building is modeled with Gmax, and lights are added with attachtool in gmax. If I place the building in the correct position no lights are displayed, but if I place the same...