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  1. jpfil

    MSFS taxi_concrete texture is gone

    Hi, The taxi_concrete texture disappeared from my simulator, both in flight and in the editor. Yet it is in the fs_base/texture directory. I completely emptied my Community. Anyone have a possible solution? Thanks.
  2. jpfil

    MSFS Taxipath junction naming

    Hi airport developers, Assuming: taxi A junction with runway 06. The yellow lines (taxipath) identified "A" and the green lines (runwaypath) identified (06). I left the red lines unnamed so as not to see "A" markings on runway 06 for example in LittleNavMap. Can it affect AI traffic...
  3. jpfil

    MSFS AI ship correction

    Allo, I want to remove AI ships in a cove where it is impossible for them to actually be there. I decompiled the original traffic file, isolated and corrected their route on GoogleEarth and recompiled a new traffic file. I will release a mod containing a new traffic BGL file. Question 1: What...
  4. jpfil

    MSFS Simple, very simple aerial

    It should look like this, just like in my editor mode.
  5. jpfil

    MSFS Simple, very simple aerial

    We can clearly see the image but it is too far to the east. The image runway must be on top of the simulator runway. In my simulator I don't even see the image... I will try different settings. Thanks.
  6. jpfil

    MSFS Simple, very simple aerial

    Here it is : https://www.jpfil.com/quebec-fs2020/scenes/jpfil-cmb2-meadowbank.zip Thanks!
  7. jpfil

    MSFS Simple, very simple aerial

    Allo, I want to modify the background of the Maedowbank mine in Nunavut in the simplest way possible. I extracted a google image that I clipped to make a PNG. In the FS20 editor I used a polygon in which I inserted the image. Everything is perfect in the editor but when my scene is compiled...
  8. jpfil

    Vegetation exclusion

    I experienced this several months ago. An update of FS20, I don't know which one, fixed the problem. However, if I want to remove trees at Signal Hill (Cabot tower) a few remain. Unable to delete them.
  9. jpfil

    Vegetation exclusion

    Same problem at Signal Hill for the environment of Cabot Tower POI in Newfoundland since WU11 canada. I can remove some trees but others no.
  10. jpfil

    MSFS Forest fire

    Hi, Do you know where I can find forest fire effect? Thanks.
  11. jpfil

    Adding static aircraft to scenery

    I have a collection of static aircrafts of low-medium resolution/polygons. Collection d'avions pour FS2020 on this page : https://www.jpfil.com/quebec-fs2020/vfr.htm. You have to place them with the sim editor.
  12. jpfil

    MSFS has beacon

    Hi, Since the last FS20 update several users have CTDs near my lighthouses which have the "has beacon" light effect. I don't have these CTDs so I can't reproduce the problem. Anyone else having this problem with their lighthouses with "has beacon" light effect? Is there a known solution? Thank.
  13. jpfil

    MSFS has beacon

    Rhumbaflappy, Many thanks for your dummy! @+
  14. jpfil

    Error building project

    Do you try backslash (\) instead of slash (/) for internal folders?
  15. jpfil

    MSFS Editor changes "assistance" settings

    Problem solved after the SU7.
  16. jpfil

    How to create an airport without ICAO code OR resolve ICAO conflicts?

    In order for the aerodrome to appear on the FS10 map, it must be assigned an ICAO code. For my bush strips I invent a fictitious but significant icao code and I indicate it in the Readme. No conflict with that for the moment...
  17. jpfil

    Edit small GA ramps

    If you prefer to work in Fs20 dev mode instead of in ADE, just generate the xml airport file with ADE and work on it in FS20. In some case of minor modifications I prefer did it in FS20. To completly redo and AFCAD I think ADE is better friendly tool.
  18. jpfil

    MSFS Thanks Jon!

    Hi, I am working now on CYFB Iqaluit update. I use ADE to generate the XML file of the FS2020 stock airport, so I can manage the AFCAD without having to all rebuild. Thanks Jon for this so usefull tool. Happy Holidays!
  19. jpfil

    MSFS Custom markings

    Oups, I realise that once the sim reloaded, the markings and the rest of the scenery are ok! Strange behavior anyway!
  20. jpfil

    MSFS Custom markings

    My textures are 512x512 png.