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  1. RomanDesign

    MSFS MSFS Blender materials ignoring roughness/metallness (ORM) information. Any ideas?

    I'm having a problem with my materials - many of them are ignoring the ORM composite image data, at least roughness. If I create a new material and import 3 images (Diffuse, ORM, Normal) it's working in MSFS. However if a material is taken from the Blender 3.1.0 Asset Library, or taken from the...
  2. RomanDesign

    Blender Quest for Animated People - distorted animation in MSFS

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to create animated person in MSFS. I would really appreciate any advice. Here's what I did: 1. I created a human figure in Make Human and exported to Mixamo website, where I rigged motion capture to it. So far - so good: I then downloaded FBX and imported to...
  3. RomanDesign

    Blender Baking in Blender - need advice. Noisy baked image.

    Hi, I'm trying to do a simple bake - cycles, albedo only. It's for having people in Micrdosoft Flight Simulator scenery I'm developing. I imported the human figure from Make Human into Blender, and it looks good. It's in several objects, so I joined them - still looks good. But I need to bake...
  4. RomanDesign

    MSFS Duplicated taxiway signs from default scenery are sometimes showing up together with my scenery - anything I can do?

    People have pointed to me that sometimes, and only for some people but not others, duplicated taxiway signs are shown in my scenery. Default taxiways are all Size 1, and all of my taxiway signs are Size 3. That's why I know those are definitely defaults. So it was easy to check the XML and make...
  5. RomanDesign

    MSFS Taxiway bridge - how to make the plane taxi over it?

    I have created a bridge, and terrain to accommodate it (terraforming is a mess in MSFS, but I somehow managed it). However when trying to taxy over that, the plane jumps like crazy, and I think it doesn't see the bridge at all. How to make it to be able to support the plane? I enabled "collision...
  6. RomanDesign

    MSFS Airport starts dropdown order control?

    In the main MSFS flight selection screen all starts in my airport are garbled: when you click on the dropdown to select where you spawn, it looks something like this: Gate 5 Gate 18 Gate 4 Gate 14 Gate 15 NE Parking 3 NE Parking 1 ...and so on. Completely random order. I named all the stands...
  7. RomanDesign

    MSFS Connecting boarding stairs to parking position

    Somehow this doesn't work for me. Just like with a jetway, I created new start positions, which created a "jetway" under that, and that could have a simobject added, either a jetway or a boarding stairs. And the ASO_Boarding_Stairs (I think that's the name) appears connected by a green dotted...
  8. RomanDesign

    MSFS How to place taxiway hold short blinking light?

    I'm trying to place the Taxiway Hold Short blinking light, the model is in the Scenery Editor: But it doesn't light or blink. And I've seen it working on some sceneries. I think I saw a blinking lights separately somewhere, but I could not find those. Anyone knows how to place it properly so...
  9. RomanDesign

    MSFS Animation play once (loop=false) not working

    Hi, any ideas why the following plays continuously in the loop instead of playing once? At least in the scenery editor. <?xml version="1.0" ?> <ModelInfo guid="{42a07289-bac6-4fe7-0fdb-b245856b9a57}" version="1.1"> <LODS> <LOD ModelFile="CYOW_Doors_LOD00.gltf"...
  10. RomanDesign

    MSFS Triggering Hangar door animation in SimObject by distance?

    I'm trying to figure out how to trigger hangar door animation based on distance. The idea is to play the opening animation once when inside or close to the hangar, and play the closing animation when farther away. I was able to create a normal animation with scenery objects, and a flag waving in...
  11. RomanDesign

    MSFS Multi-room Parallax material. Finally!

    I think I finally mastered multi-room parallax texture properly. Here's the test video with a simple cube building. Emission works too. What's funny is that rooms are randomized somehow by the sim. They are showing in a different order than I have them in my background texture. Same for emission...
  12. RomanDesign

    MSFS Parallax glass - no reflection... Any ideas?

    I’ve been using parallax windows/interiors but the glass is not reflecting, no matter what I do. I used it in small buildings on individual windows before, but now I tried a large one, with multi-room parallax texture. It’s working OK, although with a surprising effect that seemingly the actual...
  13. RomanDesign

    MSFS Modeling a TV Screen with changing image slides

    I want to model a large display with several changing images, like in a large outdoor ad display. I saw something like this in one of the scenery reviews - there were large ad displays that had several slides rotating in an infinite loop. How can this be done in Blender/MSFS? I could find no...
  14. RomanDesign

    MSFS Jetway livery repaint

    Is it possible to do a simple jetway livery repaint for a specific airport, withtout having to model and animate a whole new jetway system? Or attach an object like a sign or ad to the stock jetway? I could not find any information on that.
  15. RomanDesign

    Can anyone recommend good airport texture / material / model libraries for buildings/aprons/airports?

    Many flightsim related things are missing from libraries I could find: all kinds of metal modular panels used on many airport terminals and buildings, good apron textures, tire marks, cracks/wear/grime, and others. I made several PBR materials from scratch, but I have a suspicion the...
  16. RomanDesign

    MSFS ETA update Blender to MSFS Exporter

    Is there an ETA on the next update? It's been a while, and it's really painful to export LODs because batch LOD doesn't work (detailed analysis in the locked thread). For each object I have to export with batch LOD enabled, then change to "include selected" and again export each lod manually...
  17. RomanDesign

    MSFS Multiple custom models as simobjects in an airport?

    I'm trying a put 2 different objects I designed (flags) in a custom airport I'm designing. Normal objects work fine. I followed some instructions in the flag topic and managed to get an animated flag reacting to the wind into the sim. However I created a second model - identical but with a...
  18. RomanDesign

    MSFS Critical problem with normal maps in MSFS (Blender workflow)

    There is something very wrong with NORMAL textures in MSFS while exporting Blender models (or with me, doing it wrong). I have finally nailed down the consistent problem I had with different-looking parts of my models with one and the same baked material. As soon as I disconnect normal MSFS...
  19. RomanDesign

    MSFS Weird CTDs connected to my custom airport. Any idea on how to trace and fix?

    I am designing a custom airport in Blender (with Blender2MSFS). The first version only had 3 or 4 models: 2 types of hangar replicated several times and a flag. Plus a sprinkle of Asobo ready-made objects etc. At least two people told me about CTDs: the weird thing that one was able to fly from...
  20. RomanDesign

    MSFS What does the little wrench icon on the world map means and how to get rid of it?

    It appeared on the airport I work on - a little wrench appended to the airport icon on the notmal global map of the sim. I assumed it's there because I'm working on that aiport. However someone who downloaded my airport has noticed this icon and asked me about it, which means it's there for...