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  1. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    OK, Thanks for your help. :)
  2. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    is there a way to copy the whole mesh as a texture to use in gimp?, otherwise I don't know what to do, because im using a repeating texture.
  3. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    That actually sounds like a good idea, but I am adding some other overlays as well, do i need to make those first and merge all of them together, because some of the overlays will only be on part of the runway/tarmacs? I think that is where my problem will be.
  4. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    I duplicated the concrete and asphalt polys, then i joined the duplicates together to make one poly, then i a used the specular matl mode. I applied the material and used the stain texture as the diffuse. the nodes were already set up by the P3d addon. I turned the fac block down in the invert...
  5. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    I cant seem to find the Translucent settings you mentioned, but i still have the same problem and I am at a loss to figure out what to do. Unless i made the texture wrong, but i don't think I did.
  6. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    Thanks for responding, yes I am using the tool kit to export, I will try the render mode thing. thanks so far
  7. linbuckfan

    Transparent Overlay Problem

    Hi all, I have been trying to do a stains overlay on the ground poly textures for P3D v4.5. No matter what I set in the Alpha source blocks it doesn't appear as transparent in the Sim. I can dial the transparency down in the FAC block in the shader and it will go transparent in blender but when...
  8. linbuckfan

    MSFS KSTL -ST. LOUIS LAMBERT INT. work in progress ~ MSFS, FSX, V4.4+,V5

    Looks Awesome!😀😀😀😀😀
  9. linbuckfan

    FSXA Airbus A350 XWB

    Looking awesome!
  10. linbuckfan

    Thorp Update

    Looks Awesome!
  11. linbuckfan

    I just noticed that Blender 2.82 is out!

    Hi all, I just saw that Blender 2.82 is out, I was hoping some of you guys that are more advanced in modeling than I, if there are any updates in the new blender that will help us at all? Thanks.
  12. linbuckfan

    Blender 2.8x and FSX/P3D Toolset

    Take your time, we all appreciate it, Truly!.....:)
  13. linbuckfan

    P3D v4 My first custom jetway (skin n'bones)

    GREAT JOB, now if i can learn it I will be happy....lol
  14. linbuckfan

    Hurghada Airport | HRG | HEGN

    Looks Great!!:)
  15. linbuckfan

    P3D v4 ZBAD PKX Beijing New Airport

    Looks Fantastic!
  16. linbuckfan

    Texture Processing Time

    Sorry Arno, when I downloaded the latest MCX version I forgot to extract it to my other hard drive, It was extracted to my secondary hard drive wich did not have enough room to run the program efficiently. so that was my fault.
  17. linbuckfan

    Texture Processing Time

    thanks I will try it tonight
  18. linbuckfan

    Texture Processing Time

    when im finished in substance painter I apply the textures in blender using nodes, my problem is I don't know how to export the obj file in such a way as to get MCX to find the textures.
  19. linbuckfan

    Texture Processing Time

    blender isn't exactly friendly to that end also I am talking PBR as well