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  1. OzWookiee

    MSFS The Goose flies again for MSFS

    Pam Booker (@Warchild ) and I are getting pretty close to a release on the OzX Goose Redux HD for MSFS (phew what a mouthful), though we might need to change the working title. Pam remains the only active member of the OzX team who updated the original FSX Goose and we've spent a lot of time...
  2. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Creating Livery Packages for MSFS

    Creating Livery Packages GONE are the days where the end user had to modify the aircraft.cfg and carefully renumber the FLTSIM.X record, Asobo have created a truly wonderful way to package liveries as a VARIATION. And it’s really easy to do. Create a folder called: myname-livery-livername...
  3. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    Redistributing payware aircraft is reserved as the sole right of the original developers. So too, redistribution of freeware aircraft is similarly reserved by the original developers without prior consent. The first is illegal and falls under piracy, the second is showing respect for other...
  4. OzWookiee

    MSFS Transparency for Windscreen textures

    Hey folks, Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this issue with the windscreens not rendering properly in the sim? I've set the Material in Blender to "windscreen" and the texture has Alpha set to completly transparent. Have the same issue with instrument glass in the cockpit.
  5. OzWookiee

    P3D v4 Making a Custom Fuel Selector OLBR

    Oh man this is doing my head in LOL :eek::rotfl: So I'm creating my own fuel selector based off switch_fuel_selector_LBRO as the Caribou (I'm updating the Virtavia FS9/FSX Caribou original sources to P3D with permission from Phil @ Virtavia) selector is Off, Left, Both, Right Copied, renamed...