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  1. roland_lfor

    MCX Exception selecting an object placement

    Hi Arno, I have have an exception when I try to select an objet on the object placement map (MCX last version) It's the first time I'm using this function so maybe I miss something. I've open a BGL that contains no object but only placements.
  2. roland_lfor

    P3Dv4.4 MDL import/export corrupt mouse rectangles in VC model

    Hello Arno, It seems that there is something wrong when exporting a VC model in P3D 4.4 format. Some of the mouse rectangle capture areas are in the wrong place or are not working anymore. For example: - the pressure altitude rotating knob now move the flap lever - the heading rotating knob is...
  3. roland_lfor

    Classic marking above a Ground Poly?

    Is it possible to make the runway classic marking visible above a custom GP ? How could I achieve that? Thanks
  4. roland_lfor

    ImportAGN, SubstractFeature from Shapefile, ExportAGN possible?

    Hi, I'm trying to process big areas in 2 passes for memory constraints, then I tried to subtract roads to vegetation AGNs already build during a 1st pass. I think it's not working, so maybe I'm wrong on the method. I verified that some AGN files are effectively modified after the process (from...
  5. roland_lfor

    Unexpected long buildings with v2.0.0.0 rf196cdb dev 10/04/2016

    Hi Arno, I have some troubles with building result, with last (yesterday) version. -> Some of the buildings have unexpected length. Here are some observations : - the problem does not come from source data - those buildings seems to be always oriented to the North - those buildings stops at...
  6. roland_lfor

    How to filter photo BGL's from a KML poly ?

    Hello, I'm looking for such a tool to automatically identify photo scenery BGL files which are included in a KML polygon. I've spend some time to search without chance. I have a large photo scenery area (with tons of BGL's) which I need to divide along Geofabrik sub-region and then to be able...
  7. roland_lfor

    Create dynamic effect from C++ gauge?

    Hello, Sorry for this probably silly question: - Is it possible to add/retrieve an effect (Fx) dynamically from a C++ gauge ? I would like to place in the 3D world some effects in certain conditions, so first of all I would like to know if it's possible or not :scratchch Thanks :) Roland
  8. roland_lfor

    Weather radar gauge - VC overlay impossible?

    Hi, I'm new to FSDeveloper and new to Fsx gauge devpt as well, so please forgive me if I have "newbie" questions (sure I will). However I'm not new to flight sim world. Started on Amiga with F-18 interceptor (1988 whoua :rolleyes:). I used to develop some programs for Fly! 2, 10 years ago...