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  1. kevinfirth

    scenProc error - CreateRectangle

    Thankyou Arno :)
  2. kevinfirth

    scenProc error - CreateRectangle

    I'm trying to generate the autogen tile grid as per section 5.8 of the manual, using script: CreateRectangle|Kirkwall # SplitGrid|AGN|* PolygonToPoint|*|CENTER|0.0;0.0|0.0;0.0|String;obj|center|hdg AddAttribute|FTYPE="POINT"|String;name|TILELOD # MergeGrid # ExportOGR|*|KML|grid.kml|grid This...
  3. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 Add-on Autogen Bug in P3D 4.4 and 4.5 + Workaround

    Any update on this, or comms with LM about it? It doesn't appear to be been resolved in v5...
  4. kevinfirth

    ADE P3D v5

    Could you share some more info about this or even some demo videos of it in action Vis a vis the new features please, so we can get to grips with it easier please?!
  5. kevinfirth

    AIG AI Manager

    Ive tried various AI payware packages and they've always fallen short. They are all abandoned since installing AIG-OCI. Congrats, excellent work!
  6. kevinfirth

    Help testing new AI traffic app

    Sounds interesting...! Happy to help. Can you give us some more information please?
  7. kevinfirth

    Editing the FS Earth Tiles Image Result

    Dont check compile in FSET. you'll have to manually compile your image by running it through resample. That will also mean to get water transparency you'll need to create an alpha channel as a separate image and that will need to be referenced in your resample script.
  8. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 No Autogen using ACM

    Merging AGX definitions and those distributed by Orbx (which contain legacy definitions from Earth Simulations for example) is a very common requirement I see on forums....
  9. kevinfirth

    AI aircraft carrier landings

    Looks fab, looking forward to learning more :)
  10. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    Yes they do, I don't believe there is a problem with scenproc at all, I think it was the PR scenery was compiled slightly out of its actual position. I was merely wondering whether Scenproc could apply an offset to the agn placement so as to correct for the misaligned PR within the sim (which...
  11. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    The data and new Bing imagery in GGIS match perfectly. The coordinates used to compile the now ancient PR scenery were probably slightly out. The offset required is only a few metres in both Lat and Long. The offset distances required are approx x=10m and y=8m. It results in buildings in...
  12. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    Yes you're right, but autogen, and especially procedurally generated autogen, can only ever give a reasonable approximation. Two solutions would be to a) use the really complex building footprints and model them, or b) annotate some of the more complex features by hand to ensure a 'better'...
  13. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    Cheers Arno, I've completed some classification rules for an urban area which should allow some nice variations of autogen buildings. Now just need to work applying some polygon splitting to 4 of the BUILDTYPE classifications, without causing overly strange divisions. Should be possible to sort...
  14. kevinfirth

    ImportOGR introduces uncommanded split polygons in source data

    Thanks Arno, I have read that part of the manual repeatedly :banghead: Advice to self... RTFM again! I wanted to use the holes if at all possible, so don't want to not process them unless its unavoidable. I suppose cleaner building splits (sans courtyards) are a better solution than weird...
  15. kevinfirth

    ImportOGR introduces uncommanded split polygons in source data

    I'm working testing my buildings categorisation only, without splitting complex polys using ReplacePolygonByBuildingRectangles yet. The attached image shows just one building polygon, in red is the source data poly, in colour below that is the polygon exported back to shp file AFTER only...
  16. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    ImportOGR|E:\Scenery Design Workshop\OS Opendata\OSOpenMapLocal (ESRI Shape File) SW\data\SW_Building WGS84.shp|*|*|AUTODETECT # ImportOGR|E:/Scenery Design Workshop/OS Opendata/OSOpenMapLocal (ESRI Shape File) SW/landuse 2012/211-212-231-241-242-243.shp|*|*|AUTODETECT # ImportOGR|E:/Scenery...
  17. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    You are correct, I commented out the inclusion of the other shp files and no large buildings were generated. Still trying to work out how to open multiple source files and only select polys from one of them :s Been trying to do that using the FEATCODE=15014 attribute which all the building...
  18. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    EPIC FAIL My PC has crashed, with some of the data layers open in QGIS. Those 9 data layers have been corrupted :( It appears that most of those data layers I obtained free from Ordnance Survey some years ago under their OS VectorMap Local series but that data is now payware, so can't be...
  19. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    Could I use the FROMFILE attribute to restrict the polygons tested to those from the buildings layer then? :s EDIT: Am running it again but exporting as a shapefile this time, so I can look to see what attributes the larger rectangles have, to try to ascertain where the problem is being...
  20. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    Having a few problems with this now. Am getting a large number of oversized building rectangles generated. I saw a thread from a while back where this was solved by using autodetect instead of noreproj. That change hasn't worked for me I'm afraid as it appeared to there :( Attached is the...