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  1. mskhan1991

    MSFS MSFS Buildings Missing texture/Pink Checkers

    I have exported the buildings and the textures wont load in MSFS they were working fine with previous SDK export. The textures are all of the perfect resolution as they should be. I don't understand what could be the problem if they were working before. Any bright ideas?
  2. mskhan1991

    MSFS VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport CSMIA Mumbai

    We Have OPKC, Karachi International Airport Due for release soon, meanwhile we can share the progress on another project for MSFS that we are working on......
  3. mskhan1991

    MSFS Jinnah International Airport Karachi OPKC

    Was working on this alongside another huge project with my team at MSK productions and IRON SIM. We are working on improving the textures for most of the buildings.
  4. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 P-3C Orion Project Partnership

    As you might have seen the showroom thread, I have been working on a P-3C model. I wish to seek partnership with good names. I will just be doing the 3D design of the external model, I can also help with virtual cockpit design. Here is one I have done before for a small aircraft; Will agree...
  5. mskhan1991

    MSFS P-3C Orion

    I am in the middle of making an external model and thought I'd share a screenshot of the landing gears, half the model was purchased now working to get it in P3D (FSX compiler won't compile it). Lets see if you guys can guess what it is...... And please no questions about Alouette project, it's...
  6. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 XtoMDL error, too many vertices?

    Can't understand why I can't export my 122K+ poly model into MDL format. Went through the forums to find out multi-material was not the way to go, so changed that by using individual slots for FSX Materials but still getting the error below, what could be the problem?
  7. mskhan1991

    Low Poly 3ds max Fokker F-27

    Took me 6 hours to make this model. I believe the low poly models haven't done justice to this beautiful aircraft.
  8. mskhan1991

    P3D v3 Allama Iqbal Intl Airport

    This is a shout out to fsdeveloper, we could not have done it without you! http://secure.simmarket.com/msk-allama-iqbal-intl-lahore-opla-2016-fsx-fsxse-p3d.phtml
  9. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 Altimeter 3D and 2D difference

    Although the picture is self explanatory, I'd still like to mention that difference occurs in barometric height shown by the Altimeter between 2d and 3d altimeters. This is my first time designing a 2D gauge. I've attached the 2D gauge code plus the gauge itself. Please help me out as I am...
  10. mskhan1991

    P3D v3 Autogen Not Showing In Certain areas

    I have a problem where, I designed an airport with photo-scenery that takes up half of the grid area defined by the autogen annotator. I have added the blend mask to remove photoscenery from that area. I added the lower level layer under that photoscenery in the form of another photoscenery and...
  11. mskhan1991


    Followed the IK animation tutorial but no animation within the fsx ..... :( I've attached the files here...... maybe you guys would like to try your luck on this one.......... please help me out here ......... textures not included ..... i want to know if the scaling affects the animation?
  12. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 Objects disappearing at certain places

    Custom lights made from P3D using the same settings as provided in the resources by Bill, The problem is that these lights disappear at certain places and angles.... Help me please......
  13. mskhan1991

    FSXA Objects not visible after Placement?

    While placing the lights after the lights have been placed and the placement file is inside the scenery folder ....
  14. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 P3Dv2.5 Light Splash

    The light splashes that work with the FSX don't work with the P3Dv2.5 Any solutions to those?
  15. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 Lights won't show

    I am using airport for windows for creating lights over ground polygons using SCASM compiler method. The lights show up in FSX but not in P3Dv2. I've read somewhere that they are not compatible. What is the other most effective way to create runway and approach lighting in P3Dv2?
  16. mskhan1991

    P3D v2 Using P3Dv2 - 3ds 64bit BGLs for FSX?

    Hi, Just wanted to know if it can be done. I am not sure. Can bgl files compiled from mdl files that came from 64bit version of SDK for P3Dv2 be used to create BGL files for FSX? I have a few bgl files that I exported from 3ds max 2014 using 64bit plugins and XtoMDL for P3Dv2 but realized...
  17. mskhan1991

    Alouette 3 project Partnership

    Hi, Due to my continuous busy life I am offering serious partnership for people who are willing to complete the alouette 3 project with me. I will supply the complete external model and the virtual cockpit with materials and textures. The air and the config files are somewhat complete. I've...
  18. mskhan1991

    Programmer needed for a startup sequence only

    I want a developer who is quite familiar with simconnect/fsx related programming in order to create a realistic startup sequence for my Alouette III project: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/alouette-3.431494/ Willing to discuss a decent price for this one job only...
  19. mskhan1991

    FSXA Rotor animation speed

    Hi I am using this code for rotor animation: Can it be used to slow the rotor speed down by 50%? since the rotor has 3 blades I hesitate on changing the rotation rate from the 3d software itself <PartInfo> <Name>rotor_blurred</Name> <Copy>prop_anim</Copy>...
  20. mskhan1991

    FSXA XPDR buttons

    Hey guys, I am looking for XML code regarding the following numerical buttons on the transponder.... any help would be highly appreciated